Phoebe Masterson-Eckart ’18

Phoebe Masterson-Eckart ’18 is one of the newest members of the Women’s Rowing team. While the real rowing season doesn’t begin until spring, the team has still entered into several fall races. Masterson-Eckart, in the position of Stroke Seat, led her Novice-4 boat to a win at the Head of the Snake race in Worcester […]

BREAKING: Most German-Sounding Word Discovered

Scientists and linguists have recently confirmed that gedurft is the most German-sounding word that is actually a part of the German language. Gedurft, a past tense form of the verb dürfen, meaning “to allow,” overtook Flugzeug, meaning “airplane,” when it was discovered in 1993 upon the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, there was much […]

Social Media: Is Conn Doing Too Much?

I remember when I registered for Conn, not long ago, being suddenly bombarded with commands to set up my email account, explore CamelWeb and follow ConnCollegeLive on Twitter.  It struck me that Conn, a notably small school, seemed to have its own corner of the web carved out exclusively for the college community. As it […]