Crimson Heroes

I’ve discussed many topics in my previous articles. Sometimes the campus needed me to acknowledge the upstanding job our friends at Nichols House are doing (especially with handing out parking tickets), or to discuss the upsetting reality that some students willingly choose to drink in an intelligent manner. But as a senior who has had time to reflect on my college experience I feel the need to start focusing on the real issues of Connecticut College, rather than simply pinpointing one aspect of college life. Now being able to see the forest for the trees, it is my duty to take a stand on controversial issues to foster a culture of respectful intellectual discourse. This is why this article is about Nantucket red pants.

Too long have our fellow classmates who wear these pants gone unnoticed. It is time to give them the attention that they deserve. Smooth, hip and sexy are all words we associate with Nantucket reds and the dapper gents and elegant ladies who wear them. Unfortunately, many students go on about their everyday lives without even thinking about the impact they have on campus. Adding a touch of panache to any social occasion, these pants look just as good as they feel, and they look great. Nantucket reds make it easy for men and women to add color to their wardrobe while still looking casual, especially necessary for those bleak winter months.

For reasons beyond my understanding, some students have felt the need to talk about Nantucket red pants negatively. Whether these baseless attacks are out of jealousy of not owning a pair or sheer malice I do not know, but they must be stopped. I suppose one could complain that it’s almost unfair how good looking these pants and the people that wear them are, but I’m afraid the nature of these complaints are different. Not only do these debonair pant wearing heroes raise the fashion bar for other students, but they remind us of what we can achieve here at Connecticut College as both students and human beings: to be both excellent and original, to be the best we can be while never losing our sense of who we are.

Sometimes I lie awake at night worrying if fellow colleagues can find fault in the last pure and wholesome red pants on campus, might someone then criticize UGG boots, black Northface fleeces or even leggings? Fortunately every member of the Connecticut College community recognizes that UGG boots are comfortable and stylish, so no one would waste their time having pointless discussions about girls (and select men) who choose to wear them.

The fighting needs to stop. I think we can all agree that there is no need to further discuss just how well they compliment a white button down or even a t-shirt if you want a more casual downtown feel. What’s important is that we as a student body face the facts: Nantucket red pants are here to stay and thank god for that.