Who the Hell is Evan Wecksell? New York comedian to grace the Cro’s Nest stage

by Melanie Thibeault

Comedian Evan Wecksell is a college student trapped inside a grown man’s body. Equipped with a guitar and the voice of an angel, Wecksell performs stand-up comedy routines, adding a little something extra that everyone can appreciate — musical parodies.

Combining his humor and musical talents, Wecksell often performs at colleges, sings about the adventures and mishaps of college students and pokes fun at the current culture, as with his song, “Attack of the Cougar,” which was created around the time the first Sex in the City movie premiered.

With the release of his first full-length CD last spring, entitled LOL, Wecksell is now touring the country to promote his hilarious tracks, which include gems such as “Real Emo,” “The A-Rod Song,” and “Fmylife.com,” which is a spoof of the popular website.

In addition to his own musical creations, Wecksell sometimes parodies current artists’ styles. During one show, he performed a cover of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” The catch came when he announced he would sing it “just as Brett Michaels will perform it 30 years from now,” and he then proceeded to groan and wheeze incoherently into the microphone.

Lucky for Conn, Wecksell is paying a visit to the Cro’s Nest on September 30 at 10 PM, marking the first Thursday Night Event of this year. The event is sponsored by The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Education.

Kimberly Marker, sophomore and Student Activities Program Assistant, explained why she chose Wecksell for the event. “Evan incorporates music into his performance by playing guitar, which I thought would add something extra to the show.”  Wecksell was the youngest comedian to show interest in performing at Conn. “I believe that his age will allow him to connect with the students better,” Marker added.

“I haven’t heard of him, but I definitely want to check him out. It’s exciting to get comedians on campus and to hear where comedy is going and to see what these guys are doing,” said senior Scott Sanderson.

Wecksell has performed at a Hillel (Jewish Club) show at Conn in the past, so this will be his second time visiting. With him, he carries an impressive resume.

A native of Long Island, Wecksell developed a following of fans from New York and was a three-time Long Island Laff-Off Finalist. He has appeared on numerous television shows, including, VH1’s “I Love the 80s 3D,” “I Love the 70s II,” and “I Love Toys,” and E! Television’s “Forbes Celebrity 100: Who Made Bank” and “30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds,” where he offered humorous insight on celebrities and pop culture (www.evanwecksell.com).

As a testament to his comical work, Wecksell was selected as Campus Activities Magazine’s “Hot Comedian for 2009.” According to his website, EvanWecksell.com, he is also involved with College The Musical: A Musical About College, an original musical comedy he produced and starred in with his wife, actress and comedienne Kelly Meyersfield,” which premiered in Aug. 2009.

Conn is not often graced by the presence of comedians, and since college is Wecksell’s expertise, this show is sure to be worthwhile. As a part of his college routine, Wecksell has a segment called, “Top Ten Things About [College Name],” where he makes fun of the quirks of each school. A camel joke is sure to be on the horizon.

“I’ve never heard of Wecksell, but I think it’s awesome that he’s coming to Conn because comedians don’t come here often,” said sophomore Hailey Fyfe. “I will like the show if he’s good. I’ll like it better if he’s awful.”

To buy a copy of one of Wecksell’s albums or to learn more about his hilarity, visit www.evanwecksell.com.

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