Kim Jong-Il, super-villan

Whether it be the depressing satellite images, the disturbing images of North Koreans crying, or the fact that 2011 has sucked for dictators, the media has focused on North Korea more intensely than I thought possible. Rick Perry has already managed to mess this news up, and Gizmodo has found a way to mock North Korea’s inferior technology. Kim Jong-Un looks no better than his father, as the United States’ deal to disarm North Korea is foiled.That being said, I have always found Kim Jong-Il too be an interesting character. Whether it be his $800,000 anual Hennessy budget or his 20,000 DVD collection, he has always fascinated me as being the perfect caricature of an iconic super-villan.


One of the other most fascinating aspects of North Korea is that we truly don’t know much about the country. The vast majority of the “news” heard over the last few dies (aside, of course, from that of Kim Jong-Il’s death) has been out for years. For example, check out activist Mike Kim from a few years ago:

Absolutely stunning.