Gov. Dan Malloy announces plan to legalize selling alcohol on Sundays!


BREAKING: Governor #Malloy officially announces proposal to allow liquor to be sold seven days a week.

CT Mirror:

Aside from the convenience of being able to shop on Sunday or as late as 10 p.m., consumers could see lower prices for alcohol, one of the products for which Connecticut long has had a “minimum markup.” […] The Malloy administration hopes to realize greater tax revenues from the longer hours and Sunday sales, but the main goal is a more competitive regulatory structure that yields lower prices for consumers and discourages state residents from crossing into New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island for alcohol.



The arguments against this proposal are exceedingly lame. Lobbyists whine that 52 additional days is too much for stores to stores to remain open for. Are stores in other states affected by this? What about virtually every other country on earth? Give me a fucking break.

Some groups are concerned that children will have more access to alcohol. Of course, selling alcohol to minors would still be illegal. Still, in theory, making something that was previously available 6 days of the week now available for 7 days of the week does create more access. However, not many minors will purchase alcohol for Sunday or weeknight parties; it’s just not logical.

Dan Malloy is spot-on about this.