SGA Fishbowl Open Forum Video


SGA Meeting on 12/6/12 at 7.15PM in Ernst Common Room.

Meeting Commences – 0:00
Campus Safety Director reflection on Fishbowl – 3:03
Brian Gooch announces Open Forum to Student Body – 7:19
Dean Denard Introduction on Phone Line – 8:04
Ben Schactel (Spokesperson for Seniors) – 8:28
Dean Denard responds to Schactel – 17:29
Schactel responds to Dean Denard – 32:57
Dean Denard – 35:00
Mike Gulotta – 37:33
Dean Denard responds to Gulotta – 40:22
Kelli Bannister 45:09
Dean Denard responds to Bannister – 50:35
Senior Class President – 56:10
Quinn Menchetti – 58:09

Moments after the end of this video, Dean Denard was unable to continue the call. A ‘Town Hall’ Meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, Decmeber 12th @7PM to continue discussions on the cancellation of Fishbowl.

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