Long Distance, Valentine’s Day Does Not Have to Suck

For those of us in long distance relationships, the holiday that can be the hardest is Valentine’s Day. You end up third-wheeling with your parents, at a Forever Alone Party with your single friends or curled up on the couch watching a Nicholas Sparks Movie Marathon on ABC Family. Either way, it’s usually not your idea of a fun way to spend a day focused on the ones you love. Here are some ways to make LDRs easier during Valentine’s Day and all year round.

A Dress-Up Skype Date:
If you’re anything like me, you know that pajamas are the usual garb for a Skype date. I hardly ever make an effort when Skyping with my boyfriend, just because I know that he thinks I’m pretty no matter what. So why not mix it up a little? Dressing up, though it seems silly, shows that you care enough about each other to try. It will be like those moments before prom or your first date when you both see each other making an effort: nostalgia can be a good thing sometimes.

Letters and Packages:
I know that this is a little reminiscent of Dear John, but seriously, when was the last time you received a handwritten letter? It may be old-fashioned and very slow, considering our space-age ways of communication. Texting, e-mail, Facebook and even the cell phone relieve some of the stress of being far away from your loved one, but they can also take away some of the romance. As college students, we love getting things in our mailboxes, so try and surprise your special someone every once in a while with a letter or even a small care package.

Do Things Together: Sounds impossible, right? Think again. It might sound lame, but during the Super Bowl, a Patriots game or even a favorite movie, call one another and watch together. If you think about it, people in short distance relationships do not spend all of their time together talking, so don’t sweat the silences. Just watch the movie together and maybe talk about it afterwards. A good game or movie can sometimes spark a really good conversation.

Be Sweet: Some days are harder than others. When you’re feeling icky or your significant other is down in the dumps, be nice. My favorite ways include retelling the day that you met, remembering good times and planning for future good times. Sometimes you can get caught up thinking about either being alone or just being without that person, and you forget that the loneliness won’t last forever. You will see him/her soon–if not on break, then whenever you can. •