Letter to Professor Pessin

Note from the editor: This letter is an update from an earlier one written by Mr. Balomenos. You can read it here.


Dear Professor. Pessin,

I wish to formally apologize for the letter that I published in the Connecticut College Voice in early March 2015.  Since then, I have come to the realization that I made a grave error in writing and publishing such an accusatory piece outlining your actions and opinions.  I now understand that I was not operating with sufficient contextual knowledge on the matter, and thus misinterpreted your words.

I should like to make it absolutely clear that justice based on the information made available to me by current Connecticut College students was my only goal. I want to stress that I am not an anti-Semite, nor was I operating with any ulterior anti-Israel agenda.  Based solely on the information provided to me at the time, I was deeply uncomfortable with the opinions expressed; however, I now understand the entire background and context of the situation.  After reading some of the comments on my letter in the College Voice, it is obvious that I was naïve of how my words would inevitably be construed, and that the situation would explode into what it has. Thus, I am sorry for my accusatory and rash language, as well as the harm I have done to your reputation. At the time, I had the best intentions for the college community, about which I care deeply, but I now see that much to my distress, I have done far more harm than good to both you, and the community as a whole.

While I understand that my actions may be unforgivable and not soon forgotten, I would like to extend my sincerest compassion and empathy for the stress you and your family must be experiencing. It is my hope that as a community we can put this behind us and you are able to return to teaching as effectively as you have in the past. If you would like to discuss my actions further, or if there is anything I can do to help, I would be more than willing to do so.



Zachary Bertrand Balomenos

Class of 2014

Amman, Jordan



  1. Dear Zachary,
    I thank you for this beautiful, sincere, and moving letter, and wholeheartedly accept your apology on behalf of myself and my family. Publishing this takes great courage, character, and integrity, and I admire you for that. Every one of us makes mistakes; nearly every one of us has made specific mistakes during the recent weeks; what you have done here serves as an inspiration for us all. I very much look forward to meeting you in person on your next trip back to the U.S.

    with humble gratitude, and sincerely touched,

  2. Once there was a certain man who lived in a certain town in Poland a long time ago. This man despised the town’s rabbi for reasons unknown.

    This man spread lies and gossip about the rabbi all over town. He said the rabbi desecrated the Sabbath, he said the rabbi cheated people out of their money, he said the rabbi was unfaithful to his wife, and on and on and on. Eventually, it came to a point where everyone in the town despised the rabbit for his supposed crimes. The rabbi’s reputation was destroyed.

    The man who spread the hateful gossip began to see the error of his ways. He felt guilty and wanted to apologize to the rabbi for destroying his good name. The man came to the rabbi, confessed his slander and begged for forgiveness. The rabbi told the man that he must go home and get a pillow and knife. The rabbi instructed the man to go to the top of a nearby mountain and cut the pillow open then come back to see him.

    The man, anxious for the rabbi’s forgiveness, rushed home and did as he was told. The man came back to the rabbi and said that the task was complete – is he forgiven? The rabbi said, before I forgive you, you must do one last thing: gather all the feathers from the pillow and put them back in the case. The man exclaimed, That’s impossible! The feathers have scattered in the wind!

    The rabbi replied, “Those feathers are like the lies you spread about me. You can no more undo the damage you have done to my reputation than you can put the feathers back in the pillow you cut open”.

  3. Campus hate groups like the SJP and the MSA are destroying American college campuses by brainwashing and intimidating students to become Jew haters under the guise of criticizing Israel. Funny, they’re completely quiet when Palestinians are slaughtered in Syria or when any Muslim group is massacred by Muslim terrorists. That liberal colleges and universities would support such hate groups against Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, the only country which does not execute or otherwise abuse gays, which has equal rights for women, is shameful. What happened to this professor is pitiful but is typical of the unholy marriage of the far left and radical Islam on campuses.

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