December 14, 2015 – Poetry Corner

Boobie Pride 

by Emma Horst-Martz and Grace Sheeran


In the West it’s all about the best breast

we push up and pad, we chicken cutlet ourselves mad.

but now the hipsters help the small chested sisters,

making fads saying small boobs are rad

then what happens when my itty bitty titties aren’t considered so pretty?

it’s nice to not worry about luggin big jugs,

but we’re told that those jugs are like drugs to the guys we want to love

middle school was rough for the girls who had chest stuff

and the girls who were ashamed because our stuff wasn’t up to snuff

three nipples, two nipples, or even none at all


Brought to you by The WE Initiative,

an organization dedicated to bringing women’s voices to the stage and page