Maia Hibbett’s Fall 2016 Issue 1 Editorial

This year, I managed to avoid the inaugural episode of clicking, dragging, and screaming that is The College Voice’s publication ritual. And I’ll admit it; I was probably less stressed here in Managua, Nicaragua than I would have been there in New London, Connecticut. But, I can say with clichéd yet total honesty that I did, in fact, miss Voice production. So although I won’t be writing or editing for the Voice this semester, I do plan to read it religiously from abroad (maybe with the exception of Sports; sorry guys) so I can remain up to date on the strides the current staff is taking, which I expect to be both massive and many. While I’m missing this paper, I’m learning a lot—like that I’d let myself forget more Spanish than I thought, that getting it back is actually more rewarding than painful, and that I am, surprisingly, not horrible at making tortillas.

Born mainly out of goodwill and partially out of self-interest, I wish everyone involved with the Voice—from senior editorial staff to occasional readers—a successful (and fun) semester. I’ll be trying to keep my mind off of this publication while writing in Spanish (because code switching is hard, guys). I’ll especially miss leaving frequent, rambling, allegedly “harsh” comments on Google Docs, so brace yourselves, writers; those will be back.

– Maia