Oh! Andromeda

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Oh! Andromeda

Oh! Andromeda, defender of men,

Friend of my friend.

You are flesh, with blood and

Eyes and breasts and a

Gasping heart.

You are edible.

Succulent to Sea Monsters –

To beasts,

To Gods,

To men –

And their glittering eyes.

On sharp, black rock – naked –

You are tall.

But gleaming chains and

Curving limbs thrust you

Into the pungent sheets of the men

Who devour you, from above.

Oh! Andromeda! Defender of men.

Helpless darling.

A decision was made before you

Warmed your toes from sleep.

Before you could raise your hand.

Now your toes are wet

Your lips are salty

Death is certain —

And you imagine an absent savior as

You wait,

Chained, helpless.