Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


I write in response to the article entitled “‘Camel Chat’ Censored” in the April 3, 2017 edition of The College Voice. I was disappointed the Office of Residential Education and Living was not given an opportunity to be interviewed for this piece as we believe there is a broader perspective to offer readers.

For the past four years, the Office of Residential Education and Living (REAL)has led a structured program called Camel Chats that is intended to provide support to first-year students through a series of one-on- one conversations with Housefellows and Floor Governors. I want to clarify that the article does not refer to the program initiated by the REAL office. While we are concerned that a satirical program has used the same name as one of the REAL office’s signature programs, the REAL office did not direct or even suggest a student take anything off of YouTube. If videos have been taken down, it has been through individual choice.

The REAL office has a rigorous staff selection process each year. This year, we received more than double the amount of applications for positions available; decisions were understandably difficult, and we are maintaining a long list of alternates in the event of any open positions for the coming year.




Sara Rothenberger

Assistant Dean of Residential Education and Living