Letter to the Editor from Geoff Norbert

To The Editor,


I am writing to clear up some confusion that has arisen as a result of inaccuracies in recent articles about the Barn. The Barn is closed this semester as a venue for hosting events; it remains open as a rehearsal space for all the bands to use. This closure does not limit the students who love being part of a student band from practicing in the Barn and performing in other locations on campus this spring. In fact, Student Engagement has worked with MOBROC to put on performances in Coffee Grounds and is assisting them in putting on an outdoor concert.

I understand the Barn is a special place to many students on campus, just as it stood out to me as a special and unique part of Connecticut College from the first time I set foot on campus. However, there are expectations, policies and procedures for any College-owned property that is managed by students, and the Barn was not in compliance with those expectations, policies and procedures as they relate to events. It also must be noted that the Barn was not designed or built as a concert venue – it is intended to be used as a practice space. The Fire Marshal sets a capacity number based on the size and use of a space with safety as a primary concern. The space is small, and overcapacity was the major concern that led to Barn concerts being suspended for the semester

MOBROC is an important part of the campus music scene. I look forward to working with and supporting MOBROC the rest of this year and well into the future.




Geoff Norbert

Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and New Student Programs