Never Mind

Never Mind

Never mind the mounds of unprotected bodies toiling underneath you..plodding through

under the hope that fleetingly endured

and that dissipated into ashes

the moment policies were heedlessly rescinded



and my life ain’t for you to pawn with..

AND FOR YOU to easily dispose me off as alien NOW.

One moment I belonged and now I am intruder

And it’s not like I didn’t know that being an America hadn’t yielded to its stringent pattern

of exclusivity before but

god forbid immigrants should roam this land..especially undocumented ones..

as is this is your land

AS if you are a NATIVE

As if this land wasn’t conquered and viciously colonized by “immigrants”

that now audaciously call this their homeland

never mind

that in this land we are all descendants of immigrants if not immigrants

never mind historx-

never mind spurned and effaced histories

JUST THE HISTORX that was most convenient for your ears

that justified your existence on this stolen land



From those America couldn’t consummate in exterminating ..

of whom this land was their original home..

so never mind these facts

and let you

the one in oblivion

reap the benefits

of THIS exploited body

I, chanting to be accepted within imaginary an imaginary nation

never mind that we are here by the thousands unrecognized as humans under your shielded


Never mind

to that puppet government

swaying to the cues of corrupt billionaires

but that are intransigent in this issue..

I know I am unwanted

But I still bleed the colors red, white and blue

Whatever America is

it is hereditary to us all

Intermingling in my DNA just like

the cosmic fusion that America is

you cannot siphon me into the foreign-alien box

because I ripened from this American bedrock

SO no

yo no soy extrano-strange to this language, tounge, culture, because it encompasses more

than 90% or who I am ..

and that which you call unwanted extra or alien

doesn’t mar the AMERICAN in me.

so yea I might be EXTRA

because I am too much of the flawless package for America

(because we are the pillars that hold up-make up AMERICA!)

but because I cannot be confined into a category does not mean that I don’t belong


DOES NOT MEAN it justifies that I am your scapegoat to all your distortedly frivolous

and insubtancial problems

We are not the predicament to your flawed economic system

we are just a magical enigma to your in-capacious black and white frameworks.

SO never mind that I am American and that your system is not up to par in how I define


Because you love possessing the power in defining ME.

But never mind that.

Because I am American and human.

Never mind that justice will eventually be served.

We all carry dreams,

and mines is all enveloped in this borderless nation I call home.