Conn Students Consider the iPhone X

November 23, 2017 Annie Cornbrooks 0

In a “CNBC Make It” article published back in June, Kathleen Elkin details how millennials spend their money compared to their predecessors. The chart included in the article with data from Charles Schwab shows how millennials are more likely to spend money on non-essential costs such as $4.00 coffees and transportation for convenience as opposed to necessity.

Understanding SGA Allocations

November 22, 2017 Deverly Perez 0

Vice President of Finance and Administration Rich Madonna, Director of Financial Aid Sean Martin, and SGA Chief of Finance Amanda Yacos ’18 hosted an event in Coffee Grounds titled “Where is your money going?”

EPA Leadership Distorts Climate Reality

November 19, 2017 Shae Albertson 2

Among multiple shortcomings, the Trump Administration’s approach to climate policy deserves particular scrutiny. Though many Americans are aware of President Trump’s withdrawal from the United Nations Paris Climate Accord, many are left unaware of the facts about changes in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).