Battling Food Insecurity in New London County, One Garden at a Time

December 6, 2017 Lauren Baretta 0

When I first arrived at the Giving Garden in Mystic, CT, I wasn’t sure whether I was in the right place. There was a parking lot and a visitor’s center, but no garden to be seen. I cautiously walked up a gravel path lined with stone walls—this was adjacent to Stonington after all—and stumbled upon a set of rock stairs and a chicken coop before noticing a large hoop house fronted by rows of cabbages, lettuces, radishes, and more.

No Picture

Artistic Representations Perpetuate Thanksgiving Myths

December 6, 2017 Brooke Sponzo 0

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer” is a recognizable American saying, and it has some truth behind it. By the museums dedicated to art and photography depicting historical scenes, it’s clear that illustrations have lasting impacts, but are their legacies true to the stories they tell or do they have greater purposes than accuracy?

A.S.I.A. Airs Resistance at Tule Lake, a Reminder of Civil Rights Violations

December 5, 2017 Maia Hibbett 0

When I perused my “This Weekend at Conn” email on Friday morning, I was surprised and grateful to find a variation from the standard a capella concerts and Cro dances: that night, Asian Students in Action (A.S.I.A.) would be screening Resistance at Tule Lake, a 2017 documentary by Konrad Aderer about the underexposed dissenters to the internment of Japanese Americans.