Considering a First Look at Conn, Three Years in

February 21, 2018 Price Day 0

Have you ever wondered what prospective students see when they visit Connecticut College? Like most other Conn students, I’m often kept up at night by this question. Do they find out about the horrors of cilantro night? Are they warned about the legion of skunks? Are they shown how far away South Lot is from any conceivable location? So many questions.

Olympic Priorities: A Focus on Figure Skating

February 21, 2018 Hallie Carmen 0

Every four years, for roughly three weeks, American society is enthralled with figure skating. The costumes, artistry, drama and of course the sport, captivate American audiences during every Olympics. However, after the three magical weeks are over, life goes back to normal. For the American public, skating is put on the back burner for another four years.

Title IX Coordinator Debate Continues

February 20, 2018 Dana Gallagher 0

Within a week of the announcement of Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion and acting Title IX coordinator B. Afeni McNeely Cobham’s departure, students gathered in Cro to discuss the shortcomings in Conn’s approach to upholding Title IX requirements.