Community Bulletin

Latino Students in CT Suffer Disproportionate Discipline: As communities debate how to keep children safe at school, many districts have turned to School Resource Officers, or SROs — essentially uniformed and armed police officers in school. But a new study in Connecticut shows that SROs can have a negative impact on  Latino students in particular.

Federal Flap Over ‘Sanctuaries’ For Immigrants Mires Connecticut: The state of Connecticut and dozens of towns are mired in a legal standoff with the U.S. Justice Department over millions of dollars in policing grants the Trump administration is withholding from what it considers “sanctuary cities.” CT joined a lawsuit brought by other states that called the imposition of the conditions “arbitrary and capricious.”

CT Advocates Urge A Clean Slate For Those With Criminal Records: Criminal justice reform advocates are urging people who have prior convictions to lobby lawmakers over the Clean Slate bill. The measure — currently awaiting action in the state senate — would erase the record of people with misdemeanors after a set period of time. It would also allow a path towards expungement for certain felonies.