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Maia Hibbett, Editor-in-Chief 

Class: 2018
Major/Minor: English and Latin American Studies Double Major
Favorite Journalists: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Judith Levine
Frequently Used Media: The Atlantic, Boston Review, The New York Times, The Baffler, NPR
Career Interests: Writing and editing fiction and non-fiction
Why Involved in Journalism: When I first became interested in journalism, I thought it would be a practical and easy way to make a career out of writing. I was massively and entirely wrong, but I got addicted. Now I want to produce and distribute stories that provide access to the least-heard voices, the freshest perspectives, and, of course, the best writing possible.



Sarah Rose Gruszecki, Managing Editor

Class: 2018







Allie Marculitis, News Editor 

Class: 2017
Major/Minor: Government/ Hispanic Studies Minor
Favorite Journalist:  Lesley Stahl
Frequently Used Media: The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, CNN, 60 Minutes
Career Interests: Law/Government
Why involved in Journalism:  It is in the best interest of every person to be informed about the world around them. When people are well-informed they are able to make better decisions. Journalism is one of the best ways to provide information to the masses.



Dana Gallagher, Opinions Editor 

Class: 2019
Major: American Studies
Favorite Journalist: Walter Cronkite, Christiane Amanpour
Why involved in Journalism: I am interested in reporting and informing the public on social justice issues.




15181695_10154780685034605_958725179315421834_nJennifer Skoglund, Opinions Editor


Class: 2018







Max Amar-Olkus, Arts Editor 


Class: 2019
Major/Minor: History Major, Film Minor
Favorite Journalist: Thomas Morton, Suroosh Alvi, Anthony Bourdain, Hunter S. Thompson
Frequently Used Media: Al Jazeera, BBC, The New York Times, Vice News, The Guardian
Career Interests: Television/Film, teaching, Photographer
Why involved in Journalism: I think writing along with freedom of the press is highly instrumental in fostering a sense of community. While I enjoy reading about things happening across the globe, I believe it's important for people to stay in touch with what's going on in their communities as well.



Chloe Ford, Arts Editor


Class: 2020
Frequently Used Media: The New York times
Career Interests: Teaching/Publishing
Why involved in Journalism: Writing is one of the most powerful tools we have. Through journalism, we can use this tool for the common good.





Hannah Johnston, News Editor 


Class: 2018

Major / Minor: English/ Creative Writing,Psych
Favorite Journalist: Joan Didion
Frequently Used Media: The New York Times, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, BBC News, Portland Press Herald
Career Interests: Writing, publishing
Why involved in Journalism: I love writing, and I love the physical, published result of work from numerous people collaborating to create something that matters.




Guinevere Feldman, Copy Editor 


Class: 2019
Major / Minor: History Major, Classics Minor
Favorite Journalist: Thomas Friedman
Frequently Used Media: The New York Times
Career Interests: Teaching
Why involved in Journalism? I enjoy learning about and informing others on important issues and events taking place in the world.




Shatrunjay Mall, Business Manager


Class: 2017
Major / Minor: History Major / Economics Minor
Favorite Journalists: Barkha Dutt, Amy Goodman
Frequently Used Media: The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wire, Democracy Now
Career Interests: Historian, Teaching
Why involved in Journalism: I enjoy writing, reporting and contemplating about the state of the world and things around me



Sophia Angele-Kuehn, Creative Director 

Class: 2020
Major/Minor: English, Creative Writing
Frequently Used Media: The New York Times
Career Interests: Fiction Writer
Why involved in Journalism: Writing and Photography are important to me, and are also essential toward one another in Journalism.




15253635_10154797500484605_208440624790530513_nWesley Chrabasz, Layout and Design

Class: 2017 







Leah Jang, Social Media Director

Class: 2017
Major/Minor: Sociology Major/Dance Minor
Favorite Journalist: Seokhee Sohn
Frequently Used Media: The New York Times, JTBC
Career Interests: Reporting in Broadcast Journalism
Why involved in journalism: Through my previous job as a reporter that allowed me to have conversations with numerous people, I got fascinated by the fact that everyone has a different story to tell. I believe that the beauty of such diversity in opinions and beliefs  deserves to be told, and I want to make it happen through the media.



15203318_10154759532334605_8611007677573231550_nHallie Carmen, Website Manager 

Class: 2018
Major / Minor: East Asian Studies / Film Studies
Favorite Journalist: David Guttenfelder (Photojournalist)
Frequently Used Media: The New York Times, New York Magazine
Career Interests: Television, Film, Broadcast Media, Theater
Why involved in Journalism: I've always found the way we receive and are given information particularly intriguing. The power of photographs and words is often unfathomable. It's amazing how much impact these forms have on people's day-to-day lives.



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