Celebrating Curious George at The Connecticut College Children’s Program

October 25, 2016 Chloe Ford 0

Last month, Curious George—the lovable, adventurous monkey—celebrated his 75th anniversary. In 1939, the authors, Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey, fled Paris on self-assembled bicycles after the Nazi invasion of France, carrying George and his story on their backs. They traveled for months through Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, and finally settled in New York City, where they connected with a publisher at Houghton Mifflin.

Liz de Lise and Olive Tiger Kick Off SAC’s Friday Night Live Series

September 20, 2016 Chloe Ford 0

Students and community members slowly trickled into Coffee Grounds last Thursday night to hear the music of Olive Tiger and Liz de Lise. The shop was filled not only with a warmth that pushed its way in from the humid September evening, but a more figurative warmth that emanated from the many people perched on tables and couches around the room. The lights were dim, the coffee plentiful, and the whole room was washed in a subtle softness.