U.N. Mishandles More Than Sex Abuse Allegations

October 4, 2017 Jennifer Skoglund 0

he UN, it reported, had “mishandled 14 abuse cases involving peacekeepers in Central African Republic…The cases cited by the Code Blue campaign, a watchdog group, were investigated last year to determine whether the allegations could be substantiated…in eight cases the alleged victims were not interviewed, and 10 cases did not appear on the U.N. website where data is supposed to be released about sexual misconduct cases.”

Something Sketchy: In Retrospect

November 22, 2016 Jennifer Skoglund 0

As a lover of comedy and puns I was rather excited to see Something Sketchy, a flash comedy show organized by Aidan Gorrell and Riley Meachem. I attended both the dress rehearsal and Friday evening premier.

The Civic Imperative of Voting

October 25, 2016 Jennifer Skoglund 0

Much has been made on our liberal arts campus of the civic duty to vote in the presidential election. Popular phrases alluding to the imperative of voting, or abstaining from the vote, abound: “It doesn’t matter how much you know about politics. The important thing is that you vote,” and “Bernie or bust!” have been commonly heard throughout the campaign.

Reflections on ‘Occupy Fanning’

September 20, 2016 Jennifer Skoglund 0

On May 12, 2016, amidst the excitement and angst of final exams, Connecticut College student protesters occupied the administrative offices of Fanning, demanding accountability for administrative incompetence. Students would continue to occupy the building until the school year came to an end.