New London Elects New Mayor

On Nov. 3, 2015, Democrat Michael Passero was elected to be the next Mayor of the City of New London. This comes nearly two months after the Democratic primary in September, when he defeated the incumbent mayor, Daryl Finizio. Both Finizio and Passero spoke separately with The College Voice. In early 2014, Finizio initially announced […]

TCV Poll #2

The College Voice is beginning a new project to more accurately gauge the thoughts of the Connecticut College community on a wide variety of topics, including both on-campus and off-campus. The results of the poll from the weekend of Nov. 8 are included below, and a new poll is created every two weeks in conjunction with […]

Fred’s Presidential Line-up

This article expresses Fred McNulty ’15’s presidential speculations and does not necessarily represent the opinions of The College Voice. DEMOCRATS Martin O’Malley Advantages: As the governor of Maryland, he has executive experience. Further, he is viewed as favorable to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Disadvantages: He lacks name recognition. Fun fact: O’Malley used […]

Debunking the Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy

A powerful conspiracy theory or rumor does not only cater in the realm of the absurd; rather, it plucks kernels of truth and blends them together with a splash of speculative untruths. This is the method that truly explains the recent controversy surrounding the surprising doubts that many young people have toward vaccinations. A new […]

The Real Meaning of Boston Strong

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might not be the easiest name for native English speakers to pronounce or to spell, but it soon became a household name as the manhunt for Tsarnaev became a hot topic in the national media. It should come as no surprise that a man who is suspected of orchestrating and participating in the […]

Ernie Hewett: Connecticut Man of the People

Connecticut College might seem like an insular community at times, but it still rests within Connecticut’s thirty-ninth assembly district, which represents half of the city of New London in the Connecticut state legislature. The elected official who calls the citizens of the thirty-ninth district his constituents is Representative Ernest Hewett, informally known as Ernie. Ernie […]

Right Said Fred: The End

Right Said Fred: The End

Dear reader, Since my first Right Said Fred article on November 14, 2011, I have enjoyed writing this sex/relationship advice column for The College Voice. However, as with all good things, this column is coming to an end; this will be my last entry of Right Said Fred. While I will continue to write about […]