Conn Hosts Annual Silfen Invitational

On April 20, Men’s and Women’s Track and Field competed on their home turf at the Silfen Invitational, a meet held annually at Conn.  The women placed second out of fourteen teams, while the men placed fifth out of twelve. The day was mostly cloudy, with some sun poking through on occasion, as if wishing […]

Zombie Apocalypse Decision in Canada

Must be nice to be a country that has so little on its agenda that they have time during their House of Commons session to discuss a possible zombie invasion! Maybe we should just move to Canada… On Wednesday, February 13, in the middle of a House of Commons session, Canadian Parliament member Pat Martin […]

In Defense of Nicholas Kristof

I may not have been impressed with Kristof’s presentation at Connecticut College, but there is no doubt that he is trying to make a change. Unlike countless masses of men sympathetic to the cause of educating and empowering women who stay silent, he is actually trying to do something. And though he may not have […]

Creating a More Active Workplace

In 2007, the Endocrine Research Unit in Rochester, Minnesota came out with a study showing the effects of treadmill desks on things like obesity as well as overall work performance. The result? An apparent boycott of the chair. Goodbye to carpal tunnel and hello to more energy and better posture. For most, the words “treadmill” […]

Advice on Avoiding Deadly Flu Outbreak

Every year, Americans are bombarded with information regarding flu season. Winters are the worst; it seems like everyone is sniffling, coughing or throwing up. It seems unlikely that 2013 will be anything special. If you are one who shares this attitude, it is time to dispel any misconceptions. This is one nasty flu virus, and […]

Are We Bonded to Just One 007?

The new installment of the James Bond movies, in line with the fiftieth anniversary of the series, has brought to light some sweet nostalgia. There have been twenty-three Bond movies, but what many people may not realize is that there have been six different James Bonds, almost three whole generations of one man. That is […]

The Weed Diaries

As of November 6, marijuana is legal in the states of Washington and Colorado. For those in these states who have been illegally using the drug or struggling to get it via medical marijuana permits, this is good news. However, for the federal government, it’s pretty bad news. According to the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana […]

The Secret Life of the American Cow

According to an article published in Discover, a new technology has emerged in the agricultural world, specifically the world of cows. Beyond the automatic milking machine, I wasn’t quite sure what could make a dairy farmer’s life much easier, but I was mistaken. Sexting cows have brought the lives of cow farmers to the twenty-first […]