Remembering Fidel Castro

December 13, 2016 Shatrunjay Mall 0

Having reportedly survived six hundred attempts on his life from the CIA, Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader famous for spearheading the nation’s socialist revolution in 1959, […]

Teaching World Languages after reVision

October 25, 2016 Shatrunjay Mall 0

After much discussion, the new Pathways curriculum of the College has finally been implemented, beginning this academic year for the current first year Class of 2020. The several components of this new curriculum have earned it a mention in Inside Higher Ed, a major publication on the state of higher education.

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Jewish Rhythms of India

November 23, 2015 Shatrunjay Mall 0

Most people do not associate India with Judaism. The Indian subcontinent, however, has hosted various Jewish communities for centuries, each with its unique historical and […]