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On the Centenary of Saul Bellow

So, Saul Bellow would have been 100 this year. That’s a big deal, partially because—in case you didn’t know—Saul Bellow is a big deal. He’s a Nobel laureate. He’s been awarded a Pulitzer Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship, an O. Henry Award and a National Medal of Arts. He’s also the only writer to have won […]

X Ambassadors LIVE

We’re all used to that same Saturday night in Cro. The smell, the white walls, the tile- they’ve all been branded in our minds and almost become a second nature to some- a Saturday night ritual. This year one of the SAC Executive Board’s goals was to “diversify events and utilize a variety of places […]

Approaching Putto

A proud obelisk stands erect Its color is that of earth and iron Atop its head lies a pointed crown There is a contortion at its center Aren’t we all a little twisted inside There is something human about it Oh, now I see those are baby feet They must be a symbol of new […]

Scripts Found For Scuds’ Show

There is finally proof for what many Connecticut College students have always suspected: improv is a lie. Last Monday morning, two students in General Chemistry 104 who arrived early for their class in Olin 014 discovered a script beneath the first row of chairs, the cover of which bore the headline “Super Secret Scuds Show […]

Student Poetry: “Iridescence”

Past breakers beyond the fishing boats where gentle winds mold quiet waves and nothing to do is plenty, the seaweed swaths are drifting. Ruffled edges in sprawling dance wash a glass tabletop and weave like needles through wet cloth all shimmering in the black button eyes of a bobbing marble seal. How lucky they are […]

Student Poetry: “Panther”

Meeting her in a worn gaze, I wish I could shatter and hone my bumbling stare of daggers into a million pretty needles, gingerly prick and explore each star in the galaxy of freckles adorning her impossible skin, every one a souvenir from a sunbeam that has kissed her lightly across a history just out […]

Rocking the Dot

Scores of students shuffled into the pews of Harkness Chapel on Friday evening to hear six A Capella groups “Rock the Dot.” As April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the concert was the first of several planned on-campus events highlighting the importance of activism on campus. The Green Dot program teaches violence prevention strategies to […]

Transmissions, from Me to You

Transmissions, from Me to You

Laughter and smiles were abundant on Thursday, Feb. 19 inside the Lyman Allyn Art Museum, where family, friends, students and fellow faculty members were celebrating the opening of the Art department’s faculty show, Transmissions: Teaching and Learning in the Studio. This is the first full faculty show at our neighboring museum, an exciting time for […]

Things We Like (About the Dance Club Show)

The Connecticut College Dance Club presented their 2015 spring show, Things We Like, in the Myers Dance Studio on Feb. 26-28. The show consisted of 12 student-choreographed pieces that ranged in style from modern to lyrical to tap-dance. The performance was broken up to two parts with 13 student choreographers. Traditionally, senior Dance Club members […]