Saturday Reviews: A Far Cry and Trudeau

October 7, 2017 Saadya Chevan 0

The evening of Saturday, Sept. 23 was a momentous occasion for the College as the 18 member self-conducted orchestra A Far Cry opened the onStage series in Palmer Auditorium. The concert opened with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 played by a smaller complement of the orchestra, reflecting Bach’s original scoring.

Caterpillar Army

October 6, 2017 Lauren Baretta 0

Then. Mother’s lips meet gravel blackened knees and bug stung toes, while mice host tea parties in Father’s beard. Dandelion lovers taunt Mother.

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Changing Tune at the Barn

October 6, 2017 Elizabeth Barth 0

After attending a delightful onStage performance by the orchestra A Far Cry featuring Simone Dinnerstein on piano at Palmer Auditorium, I headed over to the Barn for my second campus concert of the evening. Having arrived late, my friends and I stood on the growing line in the cold, desperately waiting for the students guarding the entrance to announce there was room for “three” rather just the lonely “one.”

On S-Town & Other Linguistic Labyrinths

October 4, 2017 James Murray 0

As exemplified by its no. 24 spot on top podcast charts, Shit Town, hosted by NPR’s Brian Reed, was one of the most popular podcasts of the past summer. I first heard significant buzz about it from family members, and as the summer progressed, I started hearing more and more from friends and coworkers.

Yaa Gyasi Presents “Homegoing”

October 3, 2017 Elizabeth Berry 0

Students and community members were invited to a private reception in the Cummings Art Center this past Wednesday for refreshments and a chance to meet Yaa Gyasi, the author of the award winning debut novel, Homegoing.

Wig & Candle Opens with Plays in a Day

September 19, 2017 Saadya Chevan 0

Wig & Candle, Connecticut College’s student-run theater community, began its Fall 2017 season on Saturday, Sep. 9, with the traditional opening of Plays in a Day, an event that presents plays written, rehearsed and produced within 24 hours.

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Never Mind

September 19, 2017 Christina Villalobos 0

Never Mind Never mind the mounds of unprotected bodies toiling underneath you..plodding through under the hope that fleetingly endured and that dissipated into ashes the […]