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On Art and Sound and Space

The artist Richard Serra described his sculpture Tilted Arc as being a “site-specific work and as such not to be relocated. To remove the work is to destroy the work.” Site-specific artwork is one of the most interesting forms of art, because the artist doesn’t just arbitrarily create their work, but takes into account the […]

Colum McCann Visits Conn

“The writer doesn’t always know what he or she is doing; they find out afterwards,” said author Colum McCann during his visit to Connecticut College this past Thursday, Nov. 20. His visit began in a Seminar in Fiction class. The class sat in nervous anticipation of his arrival, glancing at the clock every so often […]

Liz DeLise ’13 Comes Home

November 7 was one of the first days campus was reminded of the impending blustery winds of winter at Connecticut College. A small audience of staff, faculty and students sought warm and caffeinated shelter in Coffee Grounds from the cold grey of the afternoon. The couches were turned to face the back of the café, […]

Swift Explores New Sound on 1989

1989. How do we know we’re hearing Taylor even if it’s unlike any of her past albums? Taylor’s voice is obviously a commonality, and everything is still emotionally charged, wild and excited; the feeling of the album hasn’t changed much, either. We can always rely on Taylor for attitude—just watch the “Blank Space” music video. […]