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On the Centenary of Saul Bellow

So, Saul Bellow would have been 100 this year. That’s a big deal, partially because—in case you didn’t know—Saul Bellow is a big deal. He’s a Nobel laureate. He’s been awarded a Pulitzer Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship, an O. Henry Award and a National Medal of Arts. He’s also the only writer to have won […]

X Ambassadors LIVE

We’re all used to that same Saturday night in Cro. The smell, the white walls, the tile- they’ve all been branded in our minds and almost become a second nature to some- a Saturday night ritual. This year one of the SAC Executive Board’s goals was to “diversify events and utilize a variety of places […]

Approaching Putto

A proud obelisk stands erect Its color is that of earth and iron Atop its head lies a pointed crown There is a contortion at its center Aren’t we all a little twisted inside There is something human about it Oh, now I see those are baby feet They must be a symbol of new […]

Scripts Found For Scuds’ Show

There is finally proof for what many Connecticut College students have always suspected: improv is a lie. Last Monday morning, two students in General Chemistry 104 who arrived early for their class in Olin 014 discovered a script beneath the first row of chairs, the cover of which bore the headline “Super Secret Scuds Show […]

Student Poetry: “Iridescence”

Past breakers beyond the fishing boats where gentle winds mold quiet waves and nothing to do is plenty, the seaweed swaths are drifting. Ruffled edges in sprawling dance wash a glass tabletop and weave like needles through wet cloth all shimmering in the black button eyes of a bobbing marble seal. How lucky they are […]

Student Poetry: “Panther”

Meeting her in a worn gaze, I wish I could shatter and hone my bumbling stare of daggers into a million pretty needles, gingerly prick and explore each star in the galaxy of freckles adorning her impossible skin, every one a souvenir from a sunbeam that has kissed her lightly across a history just out […]

Rocking the Dot

Scores of students shuffled into the pews of Harkness Chapel on Friday evening to hear six A Capella groups “Rock the Dot.” As April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the concert was the first of several planned on-campus events highlighting the importance of activism on campus. The Green Dot program teaches violence prevention strategies to […]