Artist Profile: Sterling Rowe

December 13, 2016 Max Amar-Olkus 0

I recently sat down with Sterling Rowe ’19 to discuss his music, his life, and his plans for the future. As he pursues a degree in Music and Tech, Sterling continues to experiment and hone his craft, producing eclectic beats inspired by a long list of personal idols.

Oh! Andromeda

December 13, 2016 Hannah Johnston 0

Oh! Andromeda Oh! Andromeda, defender of men, Friend of my friend. You are flesh, with blood and Eyes and breasts and a Gasping heart. You […]

A short ride to Bangkok on the Camel Van

November 22, 2016 Julia Kaback 0

With elements of sweet, salty, savory, spicy, and tangy, Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. It also features flavors that stay with you long after the meal is complete and for me I always wonder, “can I make this myself?” On a cold, lazy, Saturday night, my friends and I took the Camel Van to downtown New London for dinner at Lazy Leopard.

Something Sketchy: In Retrospect

November 22, 2016 Jennifer Skoglund 0

As a lover of comedy and puns I was rather excited to see Something Sketchy, a flash comedy show organized by Aidan Gorrell and Riley Meachem. I attended both the dress rehearsal and Friday evening premier.

WCNI 90.0: The Radio Station Nobody Knows About

November 10, 2016 Will Kadison 1

In preparation for writing this article, I asked students around campus if they’d ever tuned into WCNI. The majority of responses were something along the lines of, “Wait, we have a college radio station?” Honestly, I was a little saddened by these answers. A campus radio station is pretty awesome; it’s something that makes Conn special.

Inside “A Way of Looking at Things”

November 10, 2016 Julia Kaback 0

“We are a small liberal arts college that places an emphasis on student clubs. This makes it nearly impossible for someone to say that there is nothing to do on a Saturday night!” I heard something like this on almost every college tour I attended, including my tour at Conn.