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Inzozi Nziza

June 6, 2011 Laura Romano 0

For my PICA internship, I am spending this summer working at Inzozi Nziza (Sweet Dreams), an ice cream shop in Butare, Rwanda. This may sound […]

Guns N’ Roses

March 14, 2011 Eva Jablow 0

“Sorry it went straight to voicemail,” he said. “A Grad missile hit the city today so the cell phone lines are going crazy.” No problem. […]

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Shalom Shalom Shalom

February 16, 2011 Eva Jablow 0

Welcome to Tel Aviv, Israel. The city that never sleeps…I would admit that I’m ripping that off of NYC but I swear there’s a saying […]

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New London to London

November 1, 2010 Mihir Sharma 1

“Don’t be alarmed if someone confronts you with the question, ‘Do you own a gun?’”, she said. “Also, don’t take any attacks on American foreign policy personally.”