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Voice Reunion

In an act of nostalgia and an effort to reconnect with our history, the editors of The Voice hosted an editors’ reunion, inviting twelve members from past decades to return to the College and share their experiences as both staff members and students. In a panel, the editors shared with us memories of typesetting an […]

Twitter and Fiber

About a month ago I set up a Twitter account with my name on it. My dad uses Twitter , some of my friends use twitter and more than a few of my favorite celebrities hire people to tweet for them. I  assumed that Twitter would be a positive addition to my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I […]

Welcome to April

College to throw Cro Dance-Themed Cro Dance this Saturday The campus’ newest student organization, The Student Activities Council for Programming Activities (SACPA), has been allocated a total of seventeen dollars by SGA’s Finance Committee. They plan to spend every cent. The group, which consists of an all-star panel of esteemed former J-Board chairs, will kick […]

Where the Money Goes: Financial breakdown of Connecticut College operations from 2010

After Jazmine Hughes’ editorial on November 9th entitled “On Being Number One,” we asked President Higdon if he could answer the question on many students’ minds, “Where does our money go?” with a breakdown of the revenue that comes into the operating budget each year and where that money is then distributed. He agreed, and […]

Eating For A Better World

Lily Holland has just finished a semester student teaching in a second grade classroom in New London where she learned an infinite amount about education, what it takes to be a great teacher, and just how energetic seven-year-olds can be. Read her own account of her student teaching experience here. Her second graders wrote the […]

Rally to Restore Sanity

On the horizon: Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30th. Take a train to SoHo and let Arianna Huffington bus you down for free. Carpool in your friend’s G-Wagon. Go for the day. Worrying you’ll miss the Halloween dance? Don’t. It’s times like these I wonder where all our political groups went. More […]