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On “Shaking our butts”

Have you ever had a minute in your life that you didn’t think would end?  Maybe you were waiting for your Conn professor to finish up that last point of his lecture.  Or maybe you were a little kid sent to the principal’s office for putting gum in your desk-neighbors hair.  Or you could be […]

Into the Field and Photos

This week at the shop we have been working on baked goods. During my time here, I have learned that Inzozi Nziza is a well-known shop not only throughout Butare, but also throughout all of Rwanda. As I have been meeting different people, they have been impressed that I’m working in Rwanda’s only ice cream […]

A juror’s duty-Part 1

Baltimore   Today I watched a guilty man walk free. Five hours after closing statements 10 confident jurors descended from the deliberating room trailing the final 2 jurors, young men battered into consensus. Those 10 jurors offered up a charge of not-guilty to assault in the second degree as the remaining 2 watched on and […]

Mocha Iced Coffee in Butare

Luckily the ice cream machine was fixed in time for our birthday celebration, and we had a really successful day! (see pictures here). Things have been very busy since then. Over the past week I have been an ice cream machine technician, a children’s activity director, an accountant, a cashier, a chef, a manager, a […]

Summer Zines

Fellow Camels, I hope you’re having a good summer (or winter in the southern hemisphere). I’ve been in India, traveling for the most part. As I travel, I’ve been reading a few American magazines to keep in touch with the red, white and blue hues. For now I bring you Obit. More to follow, I […]

Missing Ice Cream!

So there has been a tragedy at Inzozi Nziza…the ice cream machine is broken. Yesterday we just turned it on and the ice cream would not freeze! The repairman lives in South Africa and may not be able to come until Saturday. This is a huge problem because our one-year anniversary celebration is on Saturday! […]