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On This Year’s Commencement Choice

When the 2016 commencement speaker was announced, our staff hummed with approval. Yes. Amazing, a journalist, I guess what we’re doing must be important! Naturally we approved, and her appointment was welcomed, almost without question, by many of our peers as well. The news of Rukmini Callimachi’s nomination was met with an interest not unlike […]

Letter to the Editor

I’m ashamed to be an alumna – Professor Pessin deserves support and an apology To the Editor: For the first time in 41 years, I am ashamed to be an alumna of Connecticut College (Class of 1974). Professor Andrew Pessin embodies one of the values for which Connecticut College prides itself – free expression of […]

Letter to the Editor

The New Shain Library Entrance   Dear Editor: As a former Connecticut College faculty member and longtime library user, I was delighted when Shain Library reopened ahead of schedule. As I approached the remodeled building for the first time, however, I was dismayed to see that the former easy slope to the entrance had been […]

On Going Forward (Part Dana)

Trying to write down everything I’ve learned this year from The College Voice would be pointless; it would take up the entire newspaper, and I know for a fact that there are lessons I’ve learned that I can’t quite articulate just yet. I probably won’t be able to until after I’ve had time to reflect […]

On Going Forward (Part Luca)

Dear humans of our fair campus, thank you for participating in co-creating this year’s The College Voice. In my semester-long capacity as Managing Editor — alongside the immaculate Dana Sorkin — I have seen validated many-times over the need and value for the newspaper we share. To those who read our humble publication, your interest […]

A Farewell from Eleanor Hardy

With each passing day it seems like there has been some nudge, some event or comment, reminding me that it’s just about time to go. A commencement meeting here and there, an underclassmen asking how I feel, the countdowns sprawled across whiteboards, or even just sitting down to write this. There’s no other way to […]

I Guess This Is It: A Final Sign Off

After 11 issues in print and one online of The College Voice as Editor in Chief and nearly 60 as a staff writer, section editor and senior editor over the past three years, it has all boiled down to an editorial that I am supposed to use to sum up everything that this one extra-curricular […]