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On Rumors

“Professor Vyse: The Myth, The Man, The Legend” Two weeks ago, this is what I found nestled amongst a plethora of Yaks. Usual Yak fair generally includes skunks, broken heating and Netflix. All of them are meant to be lighthearted; some of them miss the mark. It’s anonymous. It’s a joke. But this gave me […]

On Art and Sound and Space

The artist Richard Serra described his sculpture Tilted Arc as being a “site-specific work and as such not to be relocated. To remove the work is to destroy the work.” Site-specific artwork is one of the most interesting forms of art, because the artist doesn’t just arbitrarily create their work, but takes into account the […]

Letter to The Editor

Members of the Connecticut College Student Government Association recently attended the annual NESCAC Student Government Conference. The delegation met with representatives from Bates College, Hamilton College, Middlebury College, and Tufts University, and we have much to report. I am proud to announce that Connecticut College continues to lead the NESCAC in our approach to understanding, […]

On Race

Why does everyone pretend they understand me? I get the same advice from different people every day. I am lonely out here at Connecticut College. I am a depressed African American male who needs a little help and guidance adjusting to the young adults that live here. When I am here, I feel like I […]

Letter to the Editor: Response to Anique Ashraf

The following letter to the editor was written by Bettina Weiss ’15, producer of the new production As Told By Vaginas, in response to Anique Ashraf’s ’17 article, Scrutinizing “As Told By Vaginas:” The Pervasive Disinclusion of Trans and Gender-queer Individuals in Feminist Performance.  The article can be read here. The College Voice does not endorse either side of the […]

On Campus Discussions of Race

When I see posters for an event that invites me to talk about race, here’s what I know I’m being invited to: observing the internal discourse among white people on this campus as they try to grapple with issues of guilt and political correctness and try to find out what they can and cannot say […]

On the End (Part Dave)

I entered this year under the assumption that my art thesis would be the focus of my senior year, the central object of my labor, the pot always simmering on the back burner of my mind. It wasn’t, though, and as I sit here in The College Voice office on a Sunday night, surrounded by […]

On the End (Part Mel)

“What are you doing after graduation?” It’s a question that makes me cringe every time I hear it. Recently, I’ve started reacting with a visible twitch, which leads whoever is asking to add, “Oh, should I not ask?” “No,” I say. “You can. But I don’t have an answer.” As April comes to a close, […]

On Grammar

Dear Campus Community, People love referring to things as “an art.” For example, “editing is an art,” some editors would quip. I disagree. To me, art is fluid and irrational, adhering to rules set only by the artist (Dave can attest to that). The choice to set rules exists, and they can be dictated by […]

On What’s Next

During my semester abroad, while residing in a small, un-insulated cabin somewhere in the upper peaks of the Andes Mountains in Peru, I received an email from the Voice and realized there was no escape. I also realized that I didn’t mind that in the least. When I joined the Voice as a first year […]

On the End (Part Madeline)

These sorts of pieces have one of two endings. The first kind ends happily—the message being that things at this school are improving, that we are being kinder to each other or more inclusive, that everyone is trying and things are working. The second kind is admonishing, usually, telling us that we need to change, […]