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On Endorsements

Some readers may have noticed that, over the weekend, The College Voice released endorsements for select candidates running in the SGA elections. Though the article originally presented the recommendations as unanimous choices made by the editorial board, it was quickly amended to make clear that the candidates named were selected by our Managing Editor, based […]

On Opinions

We of the Opinions section have been having stylistic differences with the some of the other College Voice staff. We have been politely advised that our section trends toward “ranting” to which, at first, we disagreed vehemently and stubbornly and then threatened to quit the paper. No, in reality, the team chemistry here is second […]

On Actualizing the Bubble

In anticipation of the next four snowstorms this week, Connecticut College has issued an emergency architectural reconstruction project to protect its precious Camels from the harsh elements. The proverbial Bubble will be realized in the next coming days, encompassing everything from the Lyman Allyn to College House, as well as the Winchesters and Mr. G’s […]

On the Intersection of Performance and Activism

Last year I saw The Vagina Monologues for the first time. I found the performance clever and provocative, and I thought that it succeeded in igniting a conversation on women’s sexuality, treatment and empowerment. This year, I saw very same performance at the very same venue and was confused. It’s difficult to critique any performance, […]

On Pussies and Power

The door to Earth House was locked this past Saturday night. As I waited outside, braving the eighth snowstorm of the semester, I had second thoughts about what I was about to do. A stranger opened the door, letting me and my friends into the kitchen. “Quiet,” we were told. “Someone is performing.” I had […]

On Old Dogs, New Tricks

I have never been in Johnson, have not once stepped foot inside that particular dorm. Although I do generally avoid the hospital-fluorescent halls of the plex, I never consciously decided to stay away from Johnson. It just kind of worked out that way. If I’ve ever had friends who lived there, I never found an […]

On Changes

Finishing up my second-to-last semester of college, I’ve noticed a pattern: as soon as my classes get settled, and the professor and students seem to find a groove, it’s time for finals. The same phenomenon occurred at the end of my internship this past summer; right when the staff and interns began to bond, we […]

Letter: On Anonymity

The following was written by Sarah Huckins ’14 as an open letter to the creator of Conn Coll Compliments. The use of “anonymous” is for ef­fect, only. Dear Anonymous, This isn’t to find out who you are. Maybe you’ve gradu­ated. Maybe you’re abroad. Maybe you just found it too time consuming. It doesn’t matter. This […]

Letter: On the Honor Code

Education is the most powerful and formative force in the growth of an individual. We at Connecticut College are supremely privileged as the classroom education provided to us is of the highest quality; however, the work done in a classroom is a single facet of a complete education. A moral education is of at least […]

On Collegiate Senioritis – the unofficial authority on all abbreviated, bastardized and nonsensical expressions thought up by recent generations – defines senioritis as “a crippling disease,” citing “lack of studying, repeated absences and a generally dismissive attitude” alongside “an over-excessive wearing of track pants” as common symptoms. The only cure? Graduation. During my last year of high […]

On Letters to the Editor

I think that, perhaps, the term “Letter to the Editor” is misleading. It seems to suggest that such a letter would be intended for Melanie and I, and that its contents would be relevant only to us. As most of you likely know, this is not the case. A letter to the editor is indeed […]