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Letter to the Editor: Response to Anique Ashraf

The following letter to the editor was written by Bettina Weiss ’15, producer of the new production As Told By Vaginas, in response to Anique Ashraf’s ’17 article, Scrutinizing “As Told By Vaginas:” The Pervasive Disinclusion of Trans and Gender-queer Individuals in Feminist Performance.  The article can be read here. The College Voice does not endorse either side of the […]

Letter: On Anonymity

The following was written by Sarah Huckins ’14 as an open letter to the creator of Conn Coll Compliments. The use of “anonymous” is for ef­fect, only. Dear Anonymous, This isn’t to find out who you are. Maybe you’ve gradu­ated. Maybe you’re abroad. Maybe you just found it too time consuming. It doesn’t matter. This […]

Letter: On the Honor Code

Education is the most powerful and formative force in the growth of an individual. We at Connecticut College are supremely privileged as the classroom education provided to us is of the highest quality; however, the work done in a classroom is a single facet of a complete education. A moral education is of at least […]

Ben Schachtel ’13 On Fishbowl

Though we as seniors are all angry about the nixing of Fishbowl, especially within the canon of removed privileges we have endured throughout our ConnColl tenure (last year of kegs in common rooms was spring 2009, three months before we got here, to name one of many), it is important to view Fishbowl’s cancellation with […]

In Response to “Dining Services Moves Towards Concrete Food Sustainability Change”

By Molly Conlin In the November 12 article, Dining Services Moves Towards Concrete Food Sustainability Change, Rolfe initiated an important conversation about sustainability.  What is never stressed enough is that sustainability is a spectrum of options You don’t need to do everything, but you must do something. One exercise that can help is to reflect […]

Letters to the Editor; April 30, 2012

Your April 9 editorial suggests that the College’s policies related to underage drinking are impeding the cam- pus social scene and forcing students to leave the campus in search of “fun.” I find it unfortunate that the authors of this editorial appear to equate fun with drinking, and specifically underage drinking. The legal drinking age in […]

Letters to the Editor; April 16, 2012

When I attended Conn between 1973 and 1977 dorms were central to the students’ social experience; whether it was competing in intramural sporting events, planning campus-wide dances or hosting themed parties (with and without alcohol) in common areas, the dorms were natural hubs for our social lives. The dorm-centric social experience (which integrated students from […]

Letters to the Editor

To the editor,   I appreciate your opinions editor, Jerell Mays, sharing his thoughts on alumni giving in his piece “No Laz Left Behind: The Politics of Alumni Donations.” I would like to share a few additional thoughts on the subject. First, and most importantly, Connecticut College appreciates and values every gift.  Connecticut College has […]