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Letter to the Editor

To The Editor, I want to comment on the opinion piece, “Playing Off the Ice: A Reminder to Continue Green Dot Mission Beyond the Workshop,” published in the Feb. 16 issue of The College Voice.  This piece has prompted the kinds of conversations the Green Dot Program encourages among our campus community. The hockey team […]

Letter to the Editor

I want to highlight the absence of journalistic integrity in an opinion piece in the 7th issue of The College Voice, “Playing Off the Ice”. The utter lack of source vetting, thorough research, balanced interviewing, and clarity regarding potentially criminal accusations represents the journalistic differences separating The New York Times from The National Inquirer. At […]

Letter to the Editor

I am truly sorry for the hurt and offense that I have caused via my Facebook post of last summer, to individuals on this campus and now beyond. It was written last August in the middle of the war between Israel and Hamas, and sat quietly (if publically) on my Facebook page until a Connecticut […]

On Who is News at Connecticut College

In mid-September, I found out that my boss from one of my campus jobs had passed away.                                                                                    When the person who had been tasked with disseminating the news told me, I couldn’t breathe. Ruth? I had just seen her three short months ago – had numerous emails signed ‘Thanks!’ from her in my inbox […]

Letter to The Editor

Members of the Connecticut College Student Government Association recently attended the annual NESCAC Student Government Conference. The delegation met with representatives from Bates College, Hamilton College, Middlebury College, and Tufts University, and we have much to report. I am proud to announce that Connecticut College continues to lead the NESCAC in our approach to understanding, […]

On Race

Why does everyone pretend they understand me? I get the same advice from different people every day. I am lonely out here at Connecticut College. I am a depressed African American male who needs a little help and guidance adjusting to the young adults that live here. When I am here, I feel like I […]

Letter to the Editor: Response to Anique Ashraf

The following letter to the editor was written by Bettina Weiss ’15, producer of the new production As Told By Vaginas, in response to Anique Ashraf’s ’17 article, Scrutinizing “As Told By Vaginas:” The Pervasive Disinclusion of Trans and Gender-queer Individuals in Feminist Performance.  The article can be read here. The College Voice does not endorse either side of the […]

Letter: On Anonymity

The following was written by Sarah Huckins ’14 as an open letter to the creator of Conn Coll Compliments. The use of “anonymous” is for ef­fect, only. Dear Anonymous, This isn’t to find out who you are. Maybe you’ve gradu­ated. Maybe you’re abroad. Maybe you just found it too time consuming. It doesn’t matter. This […]

Letter: On the Honor Code

Education is the most powerful and formative force in the growth of an individual. We at Connecticut College are supremely privileged as the classroom education provided to us is of the highest quality; however, the work done in a classroom is a single facet of a complete education. A moral education is of at least […]