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On Going Forward (Part Dana)

Trying to write down everything I’ve learned this year from The College Voice would be pointless; it would take up the entire newspaper, and I know for a fact that there are lessons I’ve learned that I can’t quite articulate just yet. I probably won’t be able to until after I’ve had time to reflect […]

On Going Forward (Part Luca)

Dear humans of our fair campus, thank you for participating in co-creating this year’s The College Voice. In my semester-long capacity as Managing Editor — alongside the immaculate Dana Sorkin — I have seen validated many-times over the need and value for the newspaper we share. To those who read our humble publication, your interest […]

A Farewell from Eleanor Hardy

With each passing day it seems like there has been some nudge, some event or comment, reminding me that it’s just about time to go. A commencement meeting here and there, an underclassmen asking how I feel, the countdowns sprawled across whiteboards, or even just sitting down to write this. There’s no other way to […]

I Guess This Is It: A Final Sign Off

After 11 issues in print and one online of The College Voice as Editor in Chief and nearly 60 as a staff writer, section editor and senior editor over the past three years, it has all boiled down to an editorial that I am supposed to use to sum up everything that this one extra-curricular […]

Letter to Professor Pessin

Note from the editor: This letter is an update from an earlier one written by Mr. Balomenos. You can read it here.   Dear Professor. Pessin, I wish to formally apologize for the letter that I published in the Connecticut College Voice in early March 2015.  Since then, I have come to the realization that […]

TEDXCONNECTICUTCOLLEGE: Company, Genius and Humanity

Last Saturday, April 11, was the fourth TEDxConnecticutCollege conference. The event was produced by the students of Connsider, a campus club that puts on events with the aim of engaging people in discussions. Though TEDxConnecticutCollege is perhaps their most visible event, the club puts on others with this same aim of “debate,” including a recent […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Connecticut College Community, We are writing, in light of recent events and conversations, to stress and defend the importance of what we hold to be a most crucial component of Connecticut College – our community’s Honor Code. This letter is meant to address the wide issues that plague our college community and threaten the […]

On Campus Vandalism

I wrote the following editorial before spring break, when current conversations were only just beginning. Since there, there have been two racist hate crimes on our campus in the span of four days. The destruction of my art work (which you may read about below) pales in comparison to the hurt, fear and anger other […]

Rocking the Dot

Scores of students shuffled into the pews of Harkness Chapel on Friday evening to hear six A Capella groups “Rock the Dot.” As April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the concert was the first of several planned on-campus events highlighting the importance of activism on campus. The Green Dot program teaches violence prevention strategies to […]

Campus Forum Leaves Concerns Unaddressed

On March 25, President Katherine Bergeron hosted an all-campus forum, billed as “a community conversation on free speech, equity and inclusion.” The event started on time at 4:30pm in Palmer Auditorium, but went over the expected end time by over 45 minutes. The entire auditorium was nearly full, resulting in the use of an overflow […]

Students Take Concerns to President’s Door

Students Take Concerns to President’s Door

Students walked the campus with heavy hearts on Sunday, Mar. 29, 2015, pursuant to the discovery of racist hate speech spray-painted in the first floor bathrooms of the Crozier Williams College Center. The graffiti was quickly removed, but not before several photographs went viral via social media. The event shocked a campus still reeling from […]