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December 14, 2015 – Poetry Corner

Boobie Pride  by Emma Horst-Martz and Grace Sheeran   In the West it’s all about the best breast we push up and pad, we chicken cutlet ourselves mad. but now the hipsters help the small chested sisters, making fads saying small boobs are rad then what happens when my itty bitty titties aren’t considered so pretty? […]

She Was a Goddess

Daniel Jacobson had the swagger of a pubescent fourteen year old who had just learned to shave. This was because Daniel was a pubescent fourteen year old who got his first razor, a Gillette Fusion ProGlide, a week ago. But, after just one shave, Daniel had decided to grow a beard. That’s what he told […]

Approaching Putto

A proud obelisk stands erect Its color is that of earth and iron Atop its head lies a pointed crown There is a contortion at its center Aren’t we all a little twisted inside There is something human about it Oh, now I see those are baby feet They must be a symbol of new […]

Student Poetry: “Iridescence”

Past breakers beyond the fishing boats where gentle winds mold quiet waves and nothing to do is plenty, the seaweed swaths are drifting. Ruffled edges in sprawling dance wash a glass tabletop and weave like needles through wet cloth all shimmering in the black button eyes of a bobbing marble seal. How lucky they are […]

Student Poetry: “Panther”

Meeting her in a worn gaze, I wish I could shatter and hone my bumbling stare of daggers into a million pretty needles, gingerly prick and explore each star in the galaxy of freckles adorning her impossible skin, every one a souvenir from a sunbeam that has kissed her lightly across a history just out […]

BREAKING: Most German-Sounding Word Discovered

Scientists and linguists have recently confirmed that gedurft is the most German-sounding word that is actually a part of the German language. Gedurft, a past tense form of the verb dürfen, meaning “to allow,” overtook Flugzeug, meaning “airplane,” when it was discovered in 1993 upon the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, there was much […]



Billy Slauson got word through a mass text message today that everyone on the late shift would be getting drunk. “Getting drunk?” he thought. “I can do that.” Thursday’s a good day for it too. Things are slow on Thursdays, and Billy’s the only manager on the shift. The only regular who comes in is […]



              My hand rests on the rusting door window, and smoke rises from the warm cigarette between my fingers. I’m reclined in the driver’s seat; the sole of my left sneaker held to my shoe by white threads, visible under faded jeans, and my ankles are crossed on the dashboard. I’ve got that feeling […]

The Girl in the Black Raincoat

The Girl in the Black Raincoat

“How long do we have to stay at this thing?” Norm moaned. “Would you stop your bitching. It’s a party,” Freddy said. “It’s supposed to be fun.” “You do realize that we hated most of the people here when we went to school with them,” said Jason. “There are going to be a lot of […]


Just one glance, and it’s like whiskey steaming through my body. Lana, so close. I wait. I crouch by the violet in the setting sun. My eyes can watch you my fingers can feel you my mouth can taste you. *** You work at the JH Market on 7th Ave. Owned by the Korean pair […]



  In one of many cramped Brooklyn two-bedrooms on 16th Street, Maria and her parents are readying themselves for another day. Their apartment consists of a narrow hallway like a train track which runs past the bathroom and bedrooms and eventually turns a corner, spilling into the kitchen. It is the best Maria’s parents could […]