Order #36

September 20, 2016 Ricardo Olea 0

Her eyes felt heavy and swollen. She felt a strong breeze coming from the ocean that was less than half a mile away. As she crossed the street to walk towards a Wendy’s, a car hit its brakes and missed her by only a few inches.


February 29, 2016 Dave Winking 0

A girl once told me that she was mad at her parents. Little did she know I had a lot of experience in that field. […]

She Was a Goddess

November 18, 2015 artseditor 0

Daniel Jacobson had the swagger of a pubescent fourteen year old who had just learned to shave. This was because Daniel was a pubescent fourteen […]


February 21, 2012 Michael Natriello 0

Billy Slauson got word through a mass text message today that everyone on the late shift would be getting drunk. “Getting drunk?” he thought. “I […]


November 20, 2011 Meghan McLean 0

              My hand rests on the rusting door window, and smoke rises from the warm cigarette between my fingers. I’m reclined in the driver’s […]