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The Exercise of Power

In recent weeks, the campus community, and particularly the student community, has been invested in determining where power is located and how it is deployed. Who holds power and who is able to deploy it? The annual faculty staffing plan–a document that students rarely see or know about, is one of those sources of power. […]

The New Identity of As Told By Vaginas

The senior cast members of this year’s production of As Told By Vaginas have recently released the new list of leadership for next year’s show. Juliette Verrengia ’16 was named Technical Producer and Rachel Maddox ’16 was named Artistic Director. The College Voice sat down with Verrengia and Maddox to discuss the new leadership team, […]

Student Protests Against Whole Food Marketing Tools

There has been much national mobilization and protest recently regarding the Whole Foods Animal Compassion claims, which sells the idea that the corporation raises and kills animals in a humane way. Across the country, animal rights activists—including multiple from Connecticut College, some of which are from the CONN C.A.R.E.S. organization, have gathered on several occasions […]

“What is the CCSRE?”

Editor’s note: this article was originally featured in our Mar. 30 printed issue. Due to recent events in the College’s community, its Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) has been mentioned quite frequently in conversations across campus. It started in 2005 through the work of its first director, David Kim, Associate […]

Clubs Plan to Sell at Upcoming Flea Market

As the academic year comes to a close and the weather comes warmer, student clubs have begun to plan for the upcoming year. For many, this early preparation for 2015-2016 entails some spring cleaning. To make the most of what is left over and to try to earn some extra funding, about sixteen student clubs […]

Scripts Found For Scuds’ Show

There is finally proof for what many Connecticut College students have always suspected: improv is a lie. Last Monday morning, two students in General Chemistry 104 who arrived early for their class in Olin 014 discovered a script beneath the first row of chairs, the cover of which bore the headline “Super Secret Scuds Show […]

Complicated Contemporary Politics in Venezuela

After former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s death in March 2013, current President Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s handpicked successor, took office. President Maduro has spent almost his entire tenure dealing with the monumental problems facing his country. These dilemmas have sparked widespread riots and protests. The opposition is protesting mainly because of the 68% inflation rate, alarming […]

“Hate Crimes and Fear of Islam in the US:” Students and faculty gather for an important discussion

On Friday, Mar. 27, approximately fifty students gathered in Coffee Grounds to engage in a critical discussion on “Hate Crimes and Fear of Islam in the United States,” with Professors Bhatia, Borer, Hammond, Jafar and Campos-Holland. Professor of Sociology Afshan Jafar opened the talk by commenting on how, although the event was originally supposed to […]

Mexican Non Profit Speaks to Conn Community

On Mon., Mar. 23, Connecticut College hosted Pablo Obando and Stuart Schussler, two representatives from the non-profit organization, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center—Frayba, for short. Frayba is affiliated with the Mexico Solidarity Network, an organization that promotes social change in Mexico and facilitates students’ involvement in solidarity activism. Frayba’s center has been […]

New SEAT Stop for Conn

On Mar. 24, 2015, only a couple of days after returning from spring break, a group of Connecticut College students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the New London community, gathered on Williams Street for the unveiling of the new Southeast Area Transit (SEAT) bus stop. The new bus stop, which can take […]

Students Take Concerns to President’s Door

Students Take Concerns to President’s Door

Students walked the campus with heavy hearts on Sunday, Mar. 29, 2015, pursuant to the discovery of racist hate speech spray-painted in the first floor bathrooms of the Crozier Williams College Center. The graffiti was quickly removed, but not before several photographs went viral via social media. The event shocked a campus still reeling from […]