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The Signing and Reaffirming of the Shared Governance Covenant

The Signing and Reaffirming of the Shared Governance Covenant

On Thursday, Oct 9, prominent leaders of the campus community came together to reaffirm Connecticut College’s commitment to shared governance. College President Katherine Bergeron, Student Government Association President Ethan Underhill ’15, Co-Director of the Office of Sustainability and Chair of Staff Council Josh Stoffel and Dance Department Chair/representative of the Facutly Steering and Conference Committee […]

First-Year Class Leaders Discuss Campaign Strategies

In the election of its cabinet members in early September, the Class of 2018 became a part of the College’s system of shared governance. The two first-years elected to the vice presidency and presidency (Max Becker and Josh Lee, respectively) accomplished this feat without using any posters, campaign videos or streamed Facebook posts. Both delivered […]

A Brief History of the South Sudan Conflict

President Obama promised to help advance Sub-Saharan Africa in 2012. In a White House released fact sheet from that same year, President Obama’s administration stated that the US “remains fully engaged in supporting Sudan and South Sudan.” Yet, South Sudan is on the brink of a potentially crippling civil war. The Obama administration has failed […]

Complications in Israel Progress

This week the United States took a strong opposing stance in response to Israel’s decision to appropriate approximately 1,000 acres of land in the West Bank. The U.S. State Department evaluated the decision as “deeply concerning,” immediately urging Israel to reverse the controversial territorial claim. It was reported that the Secretary General announced earlier this […]