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Speculations on Trump’s Success

His comb-over is a source of national amusement. He is unapologetically blunt and bluntly unapologetic. He has given few speeches without mentioning his net worth. And yet, this unlikely presidential candidate has managed to far outpace his rivals in the crowded Republican field and currently holds a strong lead in the polls. The phenomenon known […]

GOP: Candidates in Historical Context

On Sept. 16, eleven Republican presidential hopefuls gathered in the Ronald Reagan Library to face off in the second GOP debate of the season. The clash, hosted by CNN, aimed to provide Americans with a more contextualized understanding of policy through candidate interaction. Unlike the Fox debate earlier this season, which relied on moderators to […]

Riding into the New Year, Spokespeople Return

Are you ever jealous of people zipping around campus on a bike? Biking is the most common form of transportation worldwide, as well as the most efficient. Conn students have access to these miraculous fuel-free inventions through CC Cruisers and Spokespeople, Conn’s student-run bike collective. Spokespeople has two main functions. It maintains the upkeep of the rental bikes students can find in front of Shain Library. There […]

New Academic Year, New Leadership

As one of my professors put it, “the honeymoon is over.” Gone are the days of frantic orientation activities and cheery reunions with old friends. Now, almost two weeks into the academic year, we find ourselves back in full swing. With the start of the academic year also comes the beginning of a new year […]

Senior Reflects on Receiving Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Last year, senior Leah Fleming, a behavioral neuroscience major, was the recipient of The Goldwater Scholarship. According to the Connecticut College website, The Goldwater Scholarship, authorized by the United States Congress in 1986 in honor of Senator Barry M. Goldwater, encourages outstanding students to pursue careers in science, mathematics or engineering. Scholars are selected on […]

Forum Addresses Current Migrant Crisis

In an effort to stem the influx of migrants entering Europe, the European Union introduced policy on Sept. 14 aimed at resettling 40,000 migrants resting in Greece and Italy. The plan, to be adopted by member states on a voluntary basis, reveals an incipient supranational organization unable to address issues of sovereign rights. In May, […]

Hampton Creek: The Future of Food?

How do you define mayonnaise? This may seem like a strange question, but if you were to research it right now, you’d be met with a barrage of recent posts about Just Mayo, a vegan – therefore eggless – mayonnaise that is causing a considerable amount of controversy. Josh Tetrick is the founder and CEO […]

The Exercise of Power

In recent weeks, the campus community, and particularly the student community, has been invested in determining where power is located and how it is deployed. Who holds power and who is able to deploy it? The annual faculty staffing plan–a document that students rarely see or know about, is one of those sources of power. […]

The New Identity of As Told By Vaginas

The senior cast members of this year’s production of As Told By Vaginas have recently released the new list of leadership for next year’s show. Juliette Verrengia ’16 was named Technical Producer and Rachel Maddox ’16 was named Artistic Director. The College Voice sat down with Verrengia and Maddox to discuss the new leadership team, […]