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ReVision Update

ReVision Update

Since the 2013-2014 academic year, students, faculty and staff have continued to brainstorm, discuss, debate and plan out the changes in our General Education system, and the possibilities are endless. The ReVision process is being led by faculty members, and on Feb. 25 an event was held to discuss one of the newest  proposed components […]

Senior Dinner Series: Students Turned Chefs

Senior year involves many traditions: dances, ceremonies, senior week, senior giving and so much more. This year, a new tradition continues to evolve: the senior dinner series with President Bergeron. The dinners began last year through the work of Nick Gollner ’14, who hosted smaller scale dinners with members of the class and President Bergeron. […]

LaunchCC, Bringing Entrepreneurship to Conn

On Oct. 10, 2014, Launch Connecticut College, or simply “Launch,” held its first meeting in the Alice Johnson Room in Cro. Since then, Conn’s first entrepreneurship club has seen sharp growth and is expected to continue to thrive this semester as it gains members, hosts new speakers and plans exciting events. The basic premise behind […]

The Measles Outbreaks: An International Issue of Public Health

The Measles Outbreaks: An International Issue of Public Health

In December of 2014, over forty people contracted measles in an outbreak after visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The affected individuals are reported to have contracted the disease via an unvaccinated woman, either through direct or indirect contact. While this specific incident captured national and international spotlight, it also focused media attention on other cases […]

Professor Perspectives on Snowdays

The inclement weather of the past few weeks has affected nearly every class. Professors across departments are having to readjust their schedules to make up for missed class meetings over the three snow days when the school was closed, classes cancelled and all administrative offices shut down. Professor Brian Pilecki of the Psychology department says, […]

Women’s Center Changes Staff Structure

There is not an invisible force-field ostracizing penises from the Women’s Center. Contrary to some students’ beliefs, it is not a space solely for women and men are allowed and encouraged to visit. The Women’s Center, located in the basement of Smith and Burdick has been a part of the Conn College community for just […]

Spotlight on Hodges Square

One of the most exciting projects to gain traction last spring was the Student Volunteer Army (or SVA, for short). Born of recent alums Ryland Hormel and Max Nichols, the organization was a call to arms for local students to aid in what’s being called the re-vitalization of Hodges Square. But more importantly, it was […]