Reflections on ‘Occupy Fanning’

September 20, 2016 Jennifer Skoglund 0

On May 12, 2016, amidst the excitement and angst of final exams, Connecticut College student protesters occupied the administrative offices of Fanning, demanding accountability for administrative incompetence. Students would continue to occupy the building until the school year came to an end.

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Are Food Insecurities a Problem on Campus?

September 20, 2016 Julia Kaback 0

As a millenial, your parents probably told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. You would dive into a well-balanced breakfast and probably didn’t have to worry about where and when your next meal would come from. For some college students their next meal is a puzzle. In a recent poll conducted by Feeding America, 49.3% of college students chose academic expenses such as textbooks and laptops, over food. Almost half of college students would rather go hungry and focus on their studies.

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Making Sense of Connections

September 20, 2016 Lilly Noble 0

As a first year at Connecticut College, I and about 500 other students are the guinea pigs in the new curricular experiment, Connections. The goal of this curriculum is to engage students in the academic work for their major as well as finding its relationship to the world we live in today.

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Community Bulletin

September 20, 2016 eic 0

Shain Library was named 2016 New Landmark Library by Library Journal. More than one year after its renovation, Shain is one of ve libraries nationwide […]

Protecting Soil in the Arbo

Protecting Soil in the Arbo

September 20, 2016 Isabelle Smith 0

The Arboretum is one of the primary elements that sets Connecticut College apart from its NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference) competitors. Its beautiful 770 acres is divided into three different categories: plant collections, managed areas, and conservation plots. […]

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