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Racist Caricature in Student Journalism

On Oct. 23, SUNY Plattsburgh’s student-run newspaper, The Cardinal Points, reached the national spotlight following its publication of a racially charged cartoon. The cartoon, which accompanied an article that touted the University’s strong minority presence, featured an African-American graduate in a decrepit neighborhood. The graduate appears undisturbed by the crooked stop signs, graffiti-scarred houses and […]

TCV Poll #1

The College Voice is beginning a new project to more accurately gauge the thoughts of the Connecticut College community on a wide variety of topics, including both on-campus and off-campus. The results of the poll from the weekend of Oct. 25 are included below, and a new poll is created every two weeks in conjunction […]

Speculations on Trump’s Success

His comb-over is a source of national amusement. He is unapologetically blunt and bluntly unapologetic. He has given few speeches without mentioning his net worth. And yet, this unlikely presidential candidate has managed to far outpace his rivals in the crowded Republican field and currently holds a strong lead in the polls. The phenomenon known […]

GOP: Candidates in Historical Context

On Sept. 16, eleven Republican presidential hopefuls gathered in the Ronald Reagan Library to face off in the second GOP debate of the season. The clash, hosted by CNN, aimed to provide Americans with a more contextualized understanding of policy through candidate interaction. Unlike the Fox debate earlier this season, which relied on moderators to […]

Complicated Contemporary Politics in Venezuela

After former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s death in March 2013, current President Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s handpicked successor, took office. President Maduro has spent almost his entire tenure dealing with the monumental problems facing his country. These dilemmas have sparked widespread riots and protests. The opposition is protesting mainly because of the 68% inflation rate, alarming […]

“Hate Crimes and Fear of Islam in the US:” Students and faculty gather for an important discussion

On Friday, Mar. 27, approximately fifty students gathered in Coffee Grounds to engage in a critical discussion on “Hate Crimes and Fear of Islam in the United States,” with Professors Bhatia, Borer, Hammond, Jafar and Campos-Holland. Professor of Sociology Afshan Jafar opened the talk by commenting on how, although the event was originally supposed to […]

Three Days of Terror in Paris

The “Three Days of Terror” in Paris began with the killing of 12 Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and the injury of four others on Jan. 7, ultimately brought attention to the underlying tension that has existed under the radar in France for years. On Jan. 7, Said and Cherif Kouachi entered and attacked the Charlie Hebdo […]

Complications in Israel Progress

This week the United States took a strong opposing stance in response to Israel’s decision to appropriate approximately 1,000 acres of land in the West Bank. The U.S. State Department evaluated the decision as “deeply concerning,” immediately urging Israel to reverse the controversial territorial claim. It was reported that the Secretary General announced earlier this […]

Tracking the Isis Conflict

Since Obama’s recent speech at the 2014 West Point Commencement, ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has obtained enough territory, money, weapons and power to convince Western leaders that the group will cause problems for years to come. “The need for a new strategy reflects the fact that today’s principal threat no longer comes […]