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Sport: Medicine for Misfortune

Minutes after an international soccer match between France and Germany began on Nov. 13 at the Stade de France, tragedy struck Paris as ISIS initiated one of its first direct attacks on the Western world and the deadliest attack on Parisian soil since WWII. French President François Hollande was in attendance, and concern that the […]

One Semester Down

The two hour car ride from Redding to New London, Connecticut seemed alarmingly short on that first day. I watched the sunrise silently from the backseat, tuning out my parents’ banter and wiping my nervous, clammy hands on the car seat. I had spent the last week in a perpetual state of panic, making last […]

Suze News, December 14, 2015

Editor’s note: The College Voice is bringing back the classic advice column in a big way! Ask Suze, our in-house relationship and lifestyle guru, all the questions you’ve been mulling over. Send Suze your questions anonymously at This week Suze is joined by special guest Randy who specializes in wing-manning, pop-lock-and-dropping and listening to […]

Conn Forgets Turbulent Past

Some Conn students associate the name Pfizer with New London’s woes. The first time I heard of the pharmaceutical giant mentioned in the context of New London, I was told that a dwindling trend in New London’s Jewish population could be partially attributed to Pfizer’s departure from the city. I noticed more mentions of Pfizer […]

Restructuring as Process

Editor’s Note: Leah Rosofsky ’16 is the Presidential Associate for the 2015-2016 academic year for SGA. As Presidential Associate, she is appointed by the President, and not elected by the student body.  The Executive Board and Chairs Council has had lapses in judgment, reflected in cell phone correspondence. GroupMe messages, which Exec Board members and […]

To Activists and to Spectators: What Student Activism Should Activate in Us All

The recent social and racial climate at Mizzou prompted thousands of students at colleges around the country to stand in solidarity with the students of color affected by the threatening malice of their classmates and to ignite a wave of protest and activism in pursuit of social justice. Demonstrations, candlelight vigils and #StudentBlackOut protests have […]