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Gender: Gaps, Tax and the Facts

At this point, most of us have heard reports about the wage gap between men and women. The term “77 cents on the dollar” has become frequent in comedy skits and political campaigns, and research shows the disparity is even worse for women of color. Further murmurs of more far-reaching gendered economics have grown in […]

Strategic Plotting

The Strategic Planning survey, we are told, is the venue where everyone’s voices are currently being heard and included. Question number seven of this democratic survey tells us that, “In a time of constrained resources, Connecticut College, like other colleges, must make difficult decisions about how best to use its funds.” We are to prioritize […]

Full Participation and Structural Exclusion

Connecticut College was founded as Connecticut College for Women after Wesleyan became exclusively all male. Connecticut College enjoys laying claim to this history. Although the college’s celebration of this past is justifiable to an extent, the women who had access to a Connecticut College education for much of its early history were relatively privileged wealthy […]

Suze Clues

Editor’s note: The College Voice is bringing back the classic advice column in a big way! Ask Suze, our in-house relationship and lifestyle guru, all the questions you’ve been mulling over. Send Suze your questions anonymously at legeVoiceAdvice. Dear Suze, I kind of want to try something new in terms of hooking up with […]

Wesleyan’s Argus Faces Budgeting Crisis

At Wesleyan University, student government and student press are at war over free speech, the balance of power and inclusion. The conflict currently focuses on a resolution passed by the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) cutting the budget of The Wesleyan Argus, the university’s primary student newspaper, from $30,000 to $13,000 per year. The controversy over […]

How to File an Incident Report: Step by Step Instructions on the New System

Editors Note: Sarah Rose Gruszecki ‘18 is a Floor Governor in Branford House. This year’s Floor Governors and Housefellows went under extensive training on the new reporting procedures. The College Voice feels this information is essential to share. Following the critiques of the system, the need for reform in bias incident reporting became especially imperative. […]

Kicking Cigarettes in the Butt

It’s official: The #1 party school in the country just made its campus tobacco-free. Syracuse University (ranked the top party school by Princeton Review for 2015) recently joined a movement of colleges across the country to ban tobacco products: both smoking and smokeless, including E-cigarettes. According to its website, Syracuse did so “to promote a […]