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Exploring Research in the Social Sciences

Connecticut College, just like other small, liberal arts colleges, takes the number of opportunities that it provides for undergraduate level research with faculty as a point of pride. These opportunities aim at facilitating a close level of collaboration between the faculty and students. Through these, students gain valuable experience that opens up a wide range […]

Campus Forum Leaves Concerns Unaddressed

On March 25, President Katherine Bergeron hosted an all-campus forum, billed as “a community conversation on free speech, equity and inclusion.” The event started on time at 4:30pm in Palmer Auditorium, but went over the expected end time by over 45 minutes. The entire auditorium was nearly full, resulting in the use of an overflow […]

Questioning TRIP Class Planning: What the Cancellation of the Bangladesh TRIP Says About Commitment to a Global Education

Here at Conn, as at most colleges, the administration loves to throw exciting phrases and terminology at students—both current and prospective—that enhance the apparent connection between our sheltered campus and the real world. In order to promote this ideal and a “global focus” within the student body, we have a number of designated Traveling Research […]

Fred’s Presidential Line-up

This article expresses Fred McNulty ’15’s presidential speculations and does not necessarily represent the opinions of The College Voice. DEMOCRATS Martin O’Malley Advantages: As the governor of Maryland, he has executive experience. Further, he is viewed as favorable to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Disadvantages: He lacks name recognition. Fun fact: O’Malley used […]

Dear Frankie Advice Column

Dear Frankie Advice Column

Dear Frankie My parents are constantly nagging me about what I should choose to major in. They want me to major in something “marketable” so that I have a better chance of finding a solidly paying job. The thought of crunching numbers and papers all day makes me dizzy, and I’ve always been drawn more […]