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Assessing Democratic Integrity in SGA Elections

On Tuesday night, I drafted an article critiquing majority-rule democracy in the context of the recent SGA election. I asked questions such as: how can majority-rule democracy ever hope to represent the minority, and therefore represent the whole, when it’s explicitly in the interest of the majority? And, doesn’t this form of democracy just consistently […]

On Reconciling with the Idea of SGA

Over a year ago, I wrote an article in the Voice calling for a complete overhaul of student government elections at Connecticut College. I suggested that even choosing SGA members via lottery would be preferable to the current facade of an election, and imagined that all issues that students might have could just go to […]

Exploring Research in the Social Sciences

Connecticut College, just like other small, liberal arts colleges, takes the number of opportunities that it provides for undergraduate level research with faculty as a point of pride. These opportunities aim at facilitating a close level of collaboration between the faculty and students. Through these, students gain valuable experience that opens up a wide range […]