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Questioning TRIP Class Planning: What the Cancellation of the Bangladesh TRIP Says About Commitment to a Global Education

Here at Conn, as at most colleges, the administration loves to throw exciting phrases and terminology at students—both current and prospective—that enhance the apparent connection between our sheltered campus and the real world. In order to promote this ideal and a “global focus” within the student body, we have a number of designated Traveling Research […]

Fred’s Presidential Line-up

This article expresses Fred McNulty ’15’s presidential speculations and does not necessarily represent the opinions of The College Voice. DEMOCRATS Martin O’Malley Advantages: As the governor of Maryland, he has executive experience. Further, he is viewed as favorable to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Disadvantages: He lacks name recognition. Fun fact: O’Malley used […]

Dear Frankie Advice Column

Dear Frankie Advice Column

Dear Frankie My parents are constantly nagging me about what I should choose to major in. They want me to major in something “marketable” so that I have a better chance of finding a solidly paying job. The thought of crunching numbers and papers all day makes me dizzy, and I’ve always been drawn more […]

Humans of New York: The Humanity In Us All

Humans of New York, or HONY, has revolutionized the ideas of photo-blogging and short story telling. Created by Brandon Stanton, HONY originally began with the goal of collecting 10,000 portraits of people in New York City, and plotting them on a map. However, since its creation in 2010, HONY has transformed into something much different: […]

Frankie Says Advice Column

Frankie Says Advice Column

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship that I’m afraid is starting to take its toll. I’m a freshman here at Conn and he’s a sophomore at Skidmore. We’ve been together since high school and have managed to make the distance work up until recently. I started sensing something was wrong over […]

Debunking the Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy

A powerful conspiracy theory or rumor does not only cater in the realm of the absurd; rather, it plucks kernels of truth and blends them together with a splash of speculative untruths. This is the method that truly explains the recent controversy surrounding the surprising doubts that many young people have toward vaccinations. A new […]

Reflecting on Senior Year FOMO

I am a senior. I am graduating in less than four months. This is simultaneously terrifying and incredibly liberating. I will become a full and credentialed adult with a Bachelor’s Degree. I will be able to find a job that will pay fairly well because of this, hopefully with good benefits like healthcare and dental. […]