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How to File an Incident Report: Step by Step Instructions on the New System

Editors Note: Sarah Rose Gruszecki ‘18 is a Floor Governor in Branford House. This year’s Floor Governors and Housefellows went under extensive training on the new reporting procedures. The College Voice feels this information is essential to share. Following the critiques of the system, the need for reform in bias incident reporting became especially imperative. […]

Kicking Cigarettes in the Butt

It’s official: The #1 party school in the country just made its campus tobacco-free. Syracuse University (ranked the top party school by Princeton Review for 2015) recently joined a movement of colleges across the country to ban tobacco products: both smoking and smokeless, including E-cigarettes. According to its website, Syracuse did so “to promote a […]

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

What exactly are we not supposed to do in our dorm rooms? According to the Connecticut College student handbook, which every student is supposed to read, the use of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited. While these rules are explicitly outlined, it is questionable how closely they are followed. This begs the question as to […]

Suze Clues

Editor’s note: The College Voice is bringing back the classic advice column in a big way! Ask Suze, our in-house relationship and lifestyle guru, all the questions you’ve been mulling over. Send Suze your questions at My boyfriend and I met here at Conn, but with graduation coming up, I’m worried about what’s to […]

Understanding Pathways and Increasing Global Conciousness

Recently, the Conn student body has been flooded with emails and flyers advertising information sessions and discussion panels about the reformed general education curriculum, known as “strands” or “pathways.” While first years will not recall this, we’ve witnessed the seemingly interchangeable use of the strand/pathway terms for the past year with little clarification as to […]

Speculations on Trump’s Success

His comb-over is a source of national amusement. He is unapologetically blunt and bluntly unapologetic. He has given few speeches without mentioning his net worth. And yet, this unlikely presidential candidate has managed to far outpace his rivals in the crowded Republican field and currently holds a strong lead in the polls. The phenomenon known […]

GOP: Candidates in Historical Context

On Sept. 16, eleven Republican presidential hopefuls gathered in the Ronald Reagan Library to face off in the second GOP debate of the season. The clash, hosted by CNN, aimed to provide Americans with a more contextualized understanding of policy through candidate interaction. Unlike the Fox debate earlier this season, which relied on moderators to […]

Examining Conn’s Environmental Stewardship

What does it mean to be “green?” Does it end with environmental stewardship, or does it have socio-political and economical implications?  Keeping that in mind, how “green” or sustainable is Connecticut College? I considered these questions, among others, while writing this piece, and in engaging in conversation with Josh Stoffel, Co-Director of Sustainability at the […]