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Democrats Deny Duckworth

Last week the House Democratic Caucus voted down a request by Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (Dem., IL) to be allowed to vote by proxy in the November 18 leadership and ranking membership elections. Rep. Duckworth will be unable to travel to D.C. for the vote because she is eight months pregnant. Duckworth has been prescribed bed […]

Social Media: Is Conn Doing Too Much?

I remember when I registered for Conn, not long ago, being suddenly bombarded with commands to set up my email account, explore CamelWeb and follow ConnCollegeLive on Twitter.  It struck me that Conn, a notably small school, seemed to have its own corner of the web carved out exclusively for the college community. As it […]

Scrutinizing “As Told By Vaginas:” The Pervasive Disinclusion of Trans and Gender-queer Individuals in Feminist Performace

“Why Connecticut College Will No Longer Perform The Vagina Monologues” is one of the most widely read articles online that was published in this newspaper. The article columned by Alia Roth ‘14 pointed out the less savory monologues in the show; the “coochie snorcher” monologue that basically glorified sexual misconduct with a minor; the “Woman Who […]

On (not) Doing the Reading

On (not) Doing the Reading

“I didn’t do the reading.” It’s an admission that we all make to ourselves or to each other at one time or another over our college careers, but one that many of us would be less than comfortable telling our professors. It happens just the same to the English major who chose the department partially […]