Rethinking Charles Manson

December 10, 2017 Riley Meachem 1

If one were to poll pedestrians on a city street anywhere in the country, not all of them would be familiar with the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh, or America’s most prolific serial killer, Gary Ridgway. A good deal of them would probably not be able to remember the Bosnian genocide, or remember the names of any school shooters. But no matter where in the country you go, you will encounter a great deal of people who know who Charles Manson is.

Oil Spill Proves Negligence

December 9, 2017 Abigail Acheson 0

Imagine if your roommate had an affinity for candles and one day accidentally set your room on fire. The next day, Conn sends an email to all of its students announcing that candles can now be lit in all of the dorms.

Net Neutrality Under Grave Threat

December 8, 2017 Cameron Dyer-Hawes 0

No matter how snugly it sits in the pocket of corporations, the federal government is still responsible for protecting citizens from the type of unashamed indecency of expected exploits that would come with the repeal of net neutrality.

Battling Food Insecurity in New London County, One Garden at a Time

December 6, 2017 Lauren Baretta 0

When I first arrived at the Giving Garden in Mystic, CT, I wasn’t sure whether I was in the right place. There was a parking lot and a visitor’s center, but no garden to be seen. I cautiously walked up a gravel path lined with stone walls—this was adjacent to Stonington after all—and stumbled upon a set of rock stairs and a chicken coop before noticing a large hoop house fronted by rows of cabbages, lettuces, radishes, and more.

A.S.I.A. Airs Resistance at Tule Lake, a Reminder of Civil Rights Violations

December 5, 2017 Maia Hibbett 0

When I perused my “This Weekend at Conn” email on Friday morning, I was surprised and grateful to find a variation from the standard a capella concerts and Cro dances: that night, Asian Students in Action (A.S.I.A.) would be screening Resistance at Tule Lake, a 2017 documentary by Konrad Aderer about the underexposed dissenters to the internment of Japanese Americans.

EPA Leadership Distorts Climate Reality

November 19, 2017 Shae Albertson 2

Among multiple shortcomings, the Trump Administration’s approach to climate policy deserves particular scrutiny. Though many Americans are aware of President Trump’s withdrawal from the United Nations Paris Climate Accord, many are left unaware of the facts about changes in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).