WIlliams St. Blues

December 13, 2016 Andrew Lopez 1

I collect trash along my daily walk to campus from the Post Hill neighborhood of New London. Sometimes I collect as many as 20 gallons of trash a day, just walking to campus. There is only one public trash can along the route, so the best I can do is fill a bucket with about 5 gallons of trash before I get there, dump the trash in the one can and collect five more before reaching the other end.

The Value of Protests on College Campuses

December 13, 2016 David Johnston 0

In response to the results of the recent presidential election, students at Conn and many other colleges and universities across the nation have organized protests. While the administrators at some institutions condone these protests, others are more intransigent.

Remembering Fidel Castro

December 13, 2016 Shatrunjay Mall 0

Having reportedly survived six hundred attempts on his life from the CIA, Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader famous for spearheading the nation’s socialist revolution in 1959, […]

Trump Redefines Role of Election Observers

November 10, 2016 Saadya Chevan 0

Donald Trump has made many terrifying and outrageous claims throughout his candidacy, yet none have struck a nerve with me more than his accusation that the election is rigged. While I think that it’s possible for election observers to have undue influence over elections in the United States, I find Trump’s claims about cheating incredibly over-the-top. Like many aspects of American governance that differ from the rest of the world, our election system is incredibly decentralized. Americans seeking to successfully rig our election would need the compliance of an unimaginable number of officials, an outlandish scheme that’s bound to fail.