Working At Home, Abroad: International student center provides community space for students from outside the country

Following the opening of the Zachs Hillel House as the center for Jewish life on campus, the international students’ organization ATLAS has officially opened their own International Student Center in the basement of Harkness Chapel. Just as Zachs Hillel House is truly a community center open for all members of the Connecticut College campus, the […]

Lacking Leadership: Seymour Hersh on U.S. Foreign Policy and the Role of the Press

“I think we are a lost country,” renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said during a recent talk at Connecticut College. “At least in Washington…we lack the leadership.” Hersh’s lecture, titled “This Day in History: Reflections on U.S. Foreign Policy and Human Rights Practices,” marked the end of a two-year Human Rights Lecture Series and quickly […]

Shooting Back from Our “Gilded Enclave”: A Response to David Collins’ “Shame on Connecticut College”

Shooting Back from Our “Gilded Enclave”: A Response to David Collins’ “Shame on Connecticut College”

Last time I checked, my dorm room walls were not coated with gold but rather with peeling paint, off-white and revealing a sickly shade of yellow underneath. But according to columnist David Collins, I must be mistaken, because apparently the College I attend, Connecticut College, is a “gilded enclave of arrogance.” The quote comes from […]

On Endorsements

Some readers may have noticed that, over the weekend, The College Voice released endorsements for select candidates running in the SGA elections. Though the article originally presented the recommendations as unanimous choices made by the editorial board, it was quickly amended to make clear that the candidates named were selected by our Managing Editor, based […]

TEDxConnecticutCollege 2014: Allowing Everyone to Wander

“With a single Rubik’s cube there exists 43 quintillion different combinations [to solve the puzzle], but for over 300 million Americans, the media propagates very few ways in which to achieve success,” asserted Mia Hass-Goldberg ’16, addressing the attendees of the third annual TEDxConnecticutCollege Conference this past Saturday. However, the ideas, discoveries and life journeys […]

Recommendations for SGA Exec Board ’14-’15

The College Voice Managing Editor Julia Cristofano made the following endorsements based on the platforms put forward by the candidates as well as the speeches given on Friday, April 11th. For positions in which only one candidate ran, the author felt she could not give an objective opinion or in which there was no clearly […]