reVision Week: reCapped

Starting last year, a group of Connecticut College students, faculty and staff began to look critically at how the College implements its General Education program, as well as the effectiveness of its structuring. The general consensus among the group is that the Gen Ed system needs to be reformed, and the undertaking now is deciding […]

Exploring Shain Library Renovations

Anticipation is building for the coming renovations of Shain Library. Already, students and faculty are noticing computers, books and other resources being shuffled around to accommodate the beginnings of change. However, as of now, there has been relatively little information coming from the school as to how things will change for the 2014-2015 academic year […]

Remembering Professor John Burton: 1952-2013

On Dec. 27, 2013, Connecticut College Professor of Anthropology John W. Burton passed away, following a hard-fought battle with metastatic lung cancer. Burton joined the College in 1983. Over the course of his thirty-year career as professor, he taught courses on diverse subject matter as ritual, language, human evolution, ethnographic writing and ethnographic film. Through […]

New Alumni Networking Platform Launches: Alum Andrew Margie ’96 unveils Alumnifire exclusively for the Conn College Community

Connecticut College hosts an online alumni database of its own, accessible through the College’s website. However, to use it for networking purposes, the user must have a clear idea of what company and location he/she is looking for. Additionally, the mode of contact provided are e-mail addresses that are only as updated as the users […]

Raising Money & Awareness for The Vagina Monologues

Flash mobs, TED Talks, a promotional video gone-viral, thousands of dollars worth of fundraising and a cast of over 100 students: this spring, the Connecticut College Vagina Monologues is taking this campus by storm. Dozens of driven, ambitious young feminists have chosen to connect with women all around the world by participating in the College’s […]

On Pussies and Power

The door to Earth House was locked this past Saturday night. As I waited outside, braving the eighth snowstorm of the semester, I had second thoughts about what I was about to do. A stranger opened the door, letting me and my friends into the kitchen. “Quiet,” we were told. “Someone is performing.” I had […]

The Men and Their Igloo

The Men and Their Igloo

“Is anyone in there?” said a voice from outside the Igloo. I was inside, wrapped in two sleeping bags, several layers of insulation and a whiskey jacket. It was the voice of a Campus Safety officer. “It’s a Nor’Easter out here. You better go inside.” I’d been caught. When I decided to attempt a full […]

Memorial Cube: Uncovering the history and evaluating the condition of a Conn relic

Memorial Cube: Uncovering the history and evaluating the condition of a Conn relic

Bernard (Tony) Rosenthal (1914-2009) was an American-born Abstract Expressionist sculptor best known for his Monumental Public Art Sculptures. In his mid-twenties, he was commissioned to create a figurative sculpture for the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. At the turn of the century, Rosenthal’s art dealer, Sam Kootz, encouraged him to abandon his concentration on […]