So, what’s with the green Dot?

A once foreign thing to many camels, “Green Dot” has become a well-known and widely used phrase across campus. The only NESCAC School to have a Green Dot program, the movement began with the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy lead by director Darcie Folsom. Green Dot became powerful on Conn campus months after […]

On Old Dogs, New Tricks

I have never been in Johnson, have not once stepped foot inside that particular dorm. Although I do generally avoid the hospital-fluorescent halls of the plex, I never consciously decided to stay away from Johnson. It just kind of worked out that way. If I’ve ever had friends who lived there, I never found an […]

Then and Now: Connecticut College, 1952

Then and Now: Connecticut College, 1952

Connecticut College has gone through changes, even within my short time here, but it was only through talking to Mary Lofton Wilson ’52 that I realized how much has really changed in the past 50 years. In an interview with The College Voice, Wilson was asked to reflect on her time spent at Conn and […]

Film Screenings Bring Latin America Closer to Conn

In the coming weeks, a number of documentary screenings and open discussions will take place on our campus. These events have been organized by Juan Pablo Pacheco ’14 in a project he has titled “Social Justice, Decolonization and Activism: Latin America and the World.” Pacheco, who is from Colombia, picked films dealing with his home […]

Zachs Hillel House Officially Opened

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, Connecticut College formally opened its first ever Hillel House, named the Zachs Hillel House for its benefactor, Henry Zachs. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held in front of a large crowd of Connecticut College students, faculty and staff, as well as Coast Guard cadets and New London community members. Dean of […]