Soccer Preview: Men’s Soccer

The Connecticut College men’s soccer season has officially kicked off, and so far the Camels are starting strong. The Camels are two and one at this point in the season, after a competitive home game versus Middlebury this past Saturday. The Camels’ first victory came against neighboring school Mitchell College. After a slow start in […]

Tracking the Isis Conflict

Since Obama’s recent speech at the 2014 West Point Commencement, ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has obtained enough territory, money, weapons and power to convince Western leaders that the group will cause problems for years to come. “The need for a new strategy reflects the fact that today’s principal threat no longer comes […]

Senator Blumenthal Returns to Campus to Discuss Campus Efforts to End Sexual Violence

Senator Blumenthal Returns to Campus to Discuss Campus Efforts to End Sexual Violence

On August 29, Senator Richard Blumenthal returned to Conn’s campus to continue round table discussions with student and staff leaders regarding Conn’s policies surrounding sexual assault and violence. Blumenthal continued to praise innovative programs such as Green Dot and Safety Net, as well as our attention to building a supportive community for survivors, intending to […]

Arcelus in the House…of Cards

Warning: contains spoilers Sitting in our beds, struggling to stream Netflix on the Conn Internet, there is a tendency to look at the actors and actresses in our favorite shows as having attained success instantaneously, somehow jumping straight from childhood onto the silver screen. We don’t think of them as college students, majoring in political […]

Students Reflect on Trips to Taiwan and Japan

On April 16, students from two classes within the East Asian Studies department gathered in the atrium above Harris to share their experiences about visiting Taiwan and Okinawa, Japan over spring break. The symposium was sponsored by the Academic Resource Center. The Taiwan trip was led by Senior Lecturer in Chinese Tek-wah King and included […]

Retention & Rigor in the Center for Art and Technology

The five interdisciplinary centers at Connecticut College are often promoted as the school’s prized possessions. Often referred to simply by their acronymic labels such as CISLA, PICA, and CAT, the programs are seen as the embodiment of interdisciplinary study, a true application of the liberal arts education. While CISLA’s large enrollment establishes a somewhat visible […]