On (not) Doing the Reading

On (not) Doing the Reading

“I didn’t do the reading.” It’s an admission that we all make to ourselves or to each other at one time or another over our college careers, but one that many of us would be less than comfortable telling our professors. It happens just the same to the English major who chose the department partially […]

Camels and Cadets: Why Can’t We be Friends?

I asked Connecticut College students and Coast Guard Academy cadets to sum up the social relationship between the two schools in one word. Some of the responses were, “awkward,” “strained,” “uncomfortable,” “misunderstood,” “negative” and “madness.”  These responses point to a question I have been asking myself for two years: Why is the social relationship between […]

Derek Jeter: Enemy’s End

On Sept. 25 Derek Jeter stepped up to the plate at Yankee Stadium for one final time. It was the bottom of the ninth, and the New York Yankees were tied with the Baltimore Orioles 5-5. Yankees outfielder, Antoan Richardson, was in scoring position on second base. As the throngs of Yankees fans chanted his […]

Women’s Rugby: Flying to New Heights

Most students at Connecticut College are familiar with the amazing view that the Athletic Center has to offer. When the sun is out and shining on the river, you can see the boats of our sailing team gliding across the water. It makes for the perfect Instagram photo. What you can’t see from the Athletic […]

Phelps’ DUI Count: Two

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time with 22 total medals, and is now making headlines for his second arrest driving under the influence.  In the early morning hours of Oct. 2, 29-year-old Phelps was arrested in Baltimore for driving under the influence. Police said that Phelps was driving 84 mph […]

Women Take on the NHL

As training camps finished up for the upcoming National Hockey League season, two new players made headlines. These players, Hilary Knight and Anne Schleper, two of the best female players in the world, joined the Anaheim Ducks and Tampa Bay Lightening, respectively, for practice. Their goal was to promote women’s hockey for the International Ice […]

Becky Hammon: Leveling the Court

On August 5, 2014, the San Antonio Spurs released the name of their newest employee: Becky Hammon. Gregg Popovich, Head Coach of the Spurs for the past twenty years, hired Becky Hammon as a full time Assistant Coach for the NBA team. She will officially join the coaching staff once her own basketball season finishes. […]

Do You Even Lift?

Connecticut College’s Athletic Center definitely sees its busiest activity after classes are over for the day, and students ranging from varsity athletes to those of us who enjoy a quick workout now and again make the trek across the bridge. We all understand how important it is to stay active and healthy, but making time […]

On Campus Discussions of Race

When I see posters for an event that invites me to talk about race, here’s what I know I’m being invited to: observing the internal discourse among white people on this campus as they try to grapple with issues of guilt and political correctness and try to find out what they can and cannot say […]