Searching for  Seinfeld:  Current Day

Searching for Seinfeld: Current Day

“What if Sinefeld is still on tv today?” It is a question begged by weird Twitter iconoclast @Seinfeld2000, whose online persona is so strange, so honest, so detached from and yet at the same time completely attached to reality, that I think he might be writing the definitive history of American pop culture as we […]

Player Profile: Leah Puklin ’15

Junior captain Leah Puklin was recently named to the All-NESCAC Women’s squash second team after a successful season playing at the #2 spot. Being viewed as a key player by fellow NESCAC coaches, Leah not only succeeds on the squash courts but also in the classroom, as she was also named as a CSA Scholar […]

Winged Victory has Seen Better Days

Winged Victory has Seen Better Days

Winged Victory, also referred to as Nike, is a replica of the 3rd century B.C. sculpture Winged Victory of Samothrace. As is true for Connecticut College’s replica, the artist of the original is regretfully unknown. In the mid-19th century, the original Winged Victory of Samothrace was discovered on the Greek island of Samothrace and later […]

Player Profile: Matt Vadas ’14

The Men’s Basketball team may have closed out their season on Feb 15 with an overall record of 9-14, but the hype is far from over for their senior superstar, Matt Vadas. With a monumental total of 1,697 points Vadas, a co-captain with fellow senior John Bullit, became the program’s all-time leading scorer. Vadas not […]

Spinning for Gold: An Exercise for Everyone

Spinning for Gold: An Exercise for Everyone

I’ve never been the type to pop my shirt off. I’m not unhappy with my spindly, typical art student physique; I’m just not exactly confident parading around with an exposed torso. Yet, at about twelve minutes into Erin Robertson’s spin class, with legs on fire and sweat pouring down every inch of my body, I […]

Inflation or Increase: ‘A’s for Effort?

Inflation or Increase: ‘A’s for Effort?

According to data compiled by the Connecticut College Department of Institutional Research, 50% of grades awarded at Conn are As. However, this doesn’t mean that grade inflation exists. That last sentence looks a little ridiculous. How is it possible to say that grade inflation isn’t an issue when a little over half of the over-all […]

Psych Department Awarded for Culture of Service

On Nov. 12, 2013, Connecticut College’s Psychology Department was selected as a recipient of the American Psychological Association (APA) Departmental Award for Culture of Service in the Psychological Sciences. The department was recognized for the extent and variety of the service it provides to the students, the field, the College and the public, both on […]

Counting Code Violations

In the first semester of the 2013-2014 academic year, 70 students were brought before Honor Council for violations ranging from plagiarism to possession of fake IDs to conduct that creates a hostile environment for members of the campus community. While these statistics encompass a wide range of Honor Code violations they do not include the […]

The Pulse of Student Poetry

“It’s times like these when I really think I have the best job in the world,” stated Professor Charles Hartman as he broke the silence of a semester on sabbatical to introduce the event: a reading of selected original works by the student poets of the Connecticut Poetry Circuit. The reading marked the fourth stop […]

A History of the Camel Dome

The ice rink at Connecticut College didn’t have a name when doors first opened on Feb 1, 1980. What would eventually become known as Dayton Arena, or alternatively, the Camel Dome, would remain nameless for the first several years of its existence. Not until brothers Judson Dayton ’80 and Duncan Dayton ’81, graduated did Dayton […]