• Community Responds to DACA Announcement


  • Title IX Takeback?

    There are some things that every college student should know, regardless of what institution they attend: stay on top of reading assignments, don’t trust drinks mixed in buckets, and know how to utilize Title IX. This last point came under the spotlight when the Obama administration enacted several changes on the federal level as to how the policy would be implemented on college campuses.

  • The Cause for Conn’s “Voluntary” Payments to New London

    Over the summer, Connecticut College fulfilled its final obligation in a ten-year contract with the City of New London. From 2007 to 2017, the College paid the City a total of $100,000, contributing a yearly $7,500 during the first five years of the agreement and $12,500 during the second.

  • PICA Receives $2.5 Million

    This month, Carolyn and Jerry Holleran made an additional gift of $2.5 million to the Holleran Center.

  • New Director of Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy Plans for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy has a new director: Heidi Freedland-Trail. She arrived at Conn already Green Dot certified, having previously worked at Lebanon Valley College in a Green Dot and Title IX Advocacy Program.

  • Hamilton Dorms Renovated, Designated for First-Years

    In the last few weeks, Hamilton has often been referenced in discussions of residence-hall desirability. It’s been said to resemble all sorts of things from a hotel to the dorms on the TV show Zoey 101. Much of this is due to the new renovations and housing style changes that were made during the summer of 2017. Notable renovations include the conversion of two-room doubles from existing singles, the addition of common rooms on every floor, and the designation as first-year-only housing.


  • Scrutinizing Protest: Are Walkouts Effective?

    Intersectional oppression exists on various scales, from campus to country. When we face intersectional violence, whether directly or indirectly, one of the ways in which we fight back is by walking out.

  • Mental Health at Conn: Are We as in Touch as We Claim?

    Conn’s award-winning Student Counseling Services (SCS) offer a plethora of therapeutic services to students, faculty, and staff alike in one convenient location, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that based on student conversations.

  • iPhone 8 and iPhone X: When Did 7 8 9?

    Apple regularly turns its annual phone releases into events of epic proportions, and this year was no different. Apple CEO Tim Cook came on the stage to announce not one, but two phones for the Apple enthusiasts out there.

  • U.N. Mishandles More Than Sex Abuse Allegations

    he UN, it reported, had “mishandled 14 abuse cases involving peacekeepers in Central African Republic…The cases cited by the Code Blue campaign, a watchdog group, were investigated last year to determine whether the allegations could be substantiated…in eight cases the alleged victims were not interviewed, and 10 cases did not appear on the U.N. website where data is supposed to be released about sexual misconduct cases.”

  • On the Growing Bar Culture at Conn: It Is Elitist

    I don’t think some people at this school realize how rich they really are. The New York Times did a piece about income inequality at elite colleges and named 38 schools that have more students from the top 1% of the income scale than the bottom 60%. Conn, along with almost every other NESCAC, was included on the list. The median family income of the Conn student body is just shy of $200,000 a year, and 73% of Conn’s students hail from the top 20% of the income ladder.


  • Music Faculty Members Showcase Talents

    “Please stay for the second part,” joked Professor James Dale Wilson, co-chair of the music department with Professor John P. Anthony, before the start of […]

  • The Land Between Captures Stories of Migration

    The opening scene of the film The Land Between features hundreds of dark and shadowed figures moving through the illuminated lights of lampposts and helicopters rising from three erect barricades.

  • Saturday Reviews: A Far Cry and Trudeau

    The evening of Saturday, Sept. 23 was a momentous occasion for the College as the 18 member self-conducted orchestra A Far Cry opened the onStage series in Palmer Auditorium. The concert opened with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 played by a smaller complement of the orchestra, reflecting Bach’s original scoring.

  • Caterpillar Army

    Then. Mother’s lips meet gravel blackened knees and bug stung toes, while mice host tea parties in Father’s beard. Dandelion lovers taunt Mother.

  • Changing Tune at the Barn

    After attending a delightful onStage performance by the orchestra A Far Cry featuring Simone Dinnerstein on piano at Palmer Auditorium, I headed over to the Barn for my second campus concert of the evening. Having arrived late, my friends and I stood on the growing line in the cold, desperately waiting for the students guarding the entrance to announce there was room for “three” rather just the lonely “one.”