Senior Week Update

Every year, after the excitement of Floralia and the rush of completing finals and turning in theses, the seniors reach the bittersweet end of their journey at Connecticut College and are greeted with open arms by their families and the Senior Week Committee. This year, Senior Week, which is sponsored by the Junior Laurel Chain […]


Have you bought your tickets yet? ’Tis the season to spend the money you’ve saved on a weekend full of groovy music, great vibes and unexpendable company at the summer’s best music festivals. Unbelievably incredible beats await, but you have to know where to find them. There’s, like, a ton of peeps who are on […]

The State of Our Tiger Woods

The State of Our Tiger Woods

Once known as the most popular athlete in the world before Lebron James’ explosion into the limelight in the mid 2000s, Tiger Woods currently finds himself immersed in another field of adversity as he has nearly called it quits for this year’s PGA tour season after undergoing back surgery in late March. The 38-year-old has […]

On the End (Part Dave)

I entered this year under the assumption that my art thesis would be the focus of my senior year, the central object of my labor, the pot always simmering on the back burner of my mind. It wasn’t, though, and as I sit here in The College Voice office on a Sunday night, surrounded by […]

On the End (Part Mel)

“What are you doing after graduation?” It’s a question that makes me cringe every time I hear it. Recently, I’ve started reacting with a visible twitch, which leads whoever is asking to add, “Oh, should I not ask?” “No,” I say. “You can. But I don’t have an answer.” As April comes to a close, […]

On Grammar

Dear Campus Community, People love referring to things as “an art.” For example, “editing is an art,” some editors would quip. I disagree. To me, art is fluid and irrational, adhering to rules set only by the artist (Dave can attest to that). The choice to set rules exists, and they can be dictated by […]

Let me Take a #Selfie

In a great Seinfeld episode, the gang uses the phrase ‘yada, yada, yada’ to abridge stories and downplay suspicious behavior. The colloquial is still commonly used in a similar fashion, and it is pertinent to the story in this article. This is not to say that what happened on a rainy Tuesday is of the […]

Two Lines Oblique, Straightened & Repaired

Two Lines Oblique, Straightened & Repaired

George Rickey (1907-2002) is an American kinetic sculptor. After completing a degree in History from Balliol College in Oxford, England, Rickey traveled through Europe and became fascinated by the art he encountered. Against the will of his father, who was an executive at the Singer Sewing Machine Company, Rickey went to Paris to enroll in […]