• Threats to Student Media: What it means for The College Voice



  • WIlliams St. Blues

    I collect trash along my daily walk to campus from the Post Hill neighborhood of New London. Sometimes I collect as many as 20 gallons of trash a day, just walking to campus. There is only one public trash can along the route, so the best I can do is fill a bucket with about 5 gallons of trash before I get there, dump the trash in the one can and collect five more before reaching the other end.

  • Why the Voices of Arab Women are Critical in Education

    Google “Arab woman.” Click the “images” button. Ninety percent of the search results display expressionless, black-veiled portraits and the remaining 10% show sexualized images, results that align fairly accurately with the two-dimensional ways in which Arab women are portrayed in 2016.

  • The Value of Protests on College Campuses

    In response to the results of the recent presidential election, students at Conn and many other colleges and universities across the nation have organized protests. While the administrators at some institutions condone these protests, others are more intransigent.

  • The Roots of Consumer Culture

    The 1947 film Miracle on 34th Street manages to capture the spiritless, frantic shopping that seizes people as early as Thanksgiving Day. Stores wishing to […]

  • Remembering Fidel Castro

    Having reportedly survived six hundred attempts on his life from the CIA, Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader famous for spearheading the nation’s socialist revolution in 1959, […]


  • Artist Profile: Sterling Rowe

    I recently sat down with Sterling Rowe ’19 to discuss his music, his life, and his plans for the future. As he pursues a degree in Music and Tech, Sterling continues to experiment and hone his craft, producing eclectic beats inspired by a long list of personal idols.

  • Oh! Andromeda

    Oh! Andromeda Oh! Andromeda, defender of men, Friend of my friend. You are flesh, with blood and Eyes and breasts and a Gasping heart. You […]

  • Voice Interviews Local Instagram Celebrity, Katherine Bergeron

    In the middle of November two strapping young reporters, John Chatigny ’18 and Max Amar-Olkus ’19, walked into Fanning to discuss some of the toughest […]

  • Bob: A Performance to Remember

    Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a production of Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s Bob, directed by Jason Karos. I was not disappointed.

  • A short ride to Bangkok on the Camel Van

    With elements of sweet, salty, savory, spicy, and tangy, Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. It also features flavors that stay with you long after the meal is complete and for me I always wonder, “can I make this myself?” On a cold, lazy, Saturday night, my friends and I took the Camel Van to downtown New London for dinner at Lazy Leopard.

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