748278_newspaper_with_cuppacino_2A subscription to The College Voice will give you the most honest coverage of the topics and events confronting the college, student and faculty perspectives on issues of importance, and the latest news in Camel sports.

This is a great option for parents who want to hear news from the school they’re paying for, and for alumni interested in the happenings at their alma mater.  Although our information is free online, the paper subscription is a symbol of where we started – our staff focuses its efforts in print first and foremost.

Subscribing also helps support the newspaper: we always, and desperately, need funds for well-functioning equipment, varying staff supplies, an inviting office, and the ever-rising cost of newsprint.

For $50 for two semesters or $30 for one – that’s $3 per issue – you’ll receive weekly issues of The College Voice delivered straight to your mailbox.  You can also purchase a PDF subscription – each issue will be emailed to your inbox on Tuesday morning upon publishing for $10 a semester, or $1 per issue.

If you’d like to purchase or subscription or have any questions about doing so, please send an email with the subject “Subscription.”