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Artistic Representations Perpetuate Thanksgiving Myths

December 6, 2017 Brooke Sponzo 0

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer” is a recognizable American saying, and it has some truth behind it. By the museums dedicated to art and photography depicting historical scenes, it’s clear that illustrations have lasting impacts, but are their legacies true to the stories they tell or do they have greater purposes than accuracy?

No Picture

Art of Resistance Met with Reality of Complacence

November 14, 2017 Lauren Baretta 0

The day after I gave a presentation about the Native American occupation of Alcatraz in 1969, I entered Cummings to find an imposing and impactful exhibit that proved the subject of my presentation was more relevant than ever almost 50 years later.

Finding Inspiration in Art and Coffee

October 29, 2017 Elizabeth Berry 0

In her short story “How to Become a Writer,” Lorrie Moore narrates: “at home I drink a lot of coffee.” Moore offers tips on how to become a writer while recounting her own struggle with the process.

Julio Salgado Is “Undocumented and Unafraid”

September 19, 2017 Samantha Barth 0

The LGBTQIA center hosted Julio Salgado for a talk and poster-making workshop on Wednesday, Sep. 6. A self-described “artivist,” Salgado creates bold cartoons and visual art which depict moments from the DREAM Act’s implementation and the migrant rights movement.

Celebrating Curious George at The Connecticut College Children’s Program

October 25, 2016 Chloe Ford 0

Last month, Curious George—the lovable, adventurous monkey—celebrated his 75th anniversary. In 1939, the authors, Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey, fled Paris on self-assembled bicycles after the Nazi invasion of France, carrying George and his story on their backs. They traveled for months through Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, and finally settled in New York City, where they connected with a publisher at Houghton Mifflin.

Spotlight on Cai Dongdong’s “Off Target”

October 25, 2016 Hallie Carmen 0

The last time you’ve visited the Chu Room you may have noticed a change in the artwork featured in those big glass shelves. Now on view in the room until Nov. 8 is Cai Dongdong’s “Off Target,” a contemporary Chinese art exhibit featuring a variety of the artist’s photographic works.