First Year, First Impressions of Social Life

November 8, 2017 Christina Tougias 0

When choosing a college, many students are concerned with how they can have fun in between all of their hard work. As a result, on-campus social life emerges as a defining feature in higher education. It is especially important for first-years as they are meeting many new people, making friends, and in most cases, living away from home for the first time. While some students have settled into a social life that works for them, many first-years are still navigating how the social scene works.

“Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success”: The Future of College Applications?

October 25, 2016 Hallie Carmen 0

Our last two years of high school had arguably some of the most stressful moments in our high school careers. “The college process” is a time many of us will never forget. Going on visits with our families to several schools, receiving tutoring for the ACT and/or SAT and taking the tests multiple times and re-working our college essays to a point where we couldn’t any more.