Pilot Program Fosters Education through Personal Narrative

December 10, 2017 Dana Gallagher 0

Achievement of sustained participation in any social movement depends in large part on the degree to which the movement’s mission directly relates to the everyday lives of its participants. Emma Race ’18 has taken this truism to heart when implementing her Spanish-language storytelling workshops in New London this semester.

Connections Brings 21st Century Learning to Conn

September 20, 2016 Saadya Chevan 0

After years of trials and tribulations, the college has begun the process of implementing its new Connections curriculum. The curriculum, phased to impact the classes of 2020 and beyond, will bring about changes in student and faculty experiences here at Conn for years to come. Some changes will be visible to the community, and others will go unnoticed, but all will have a profound impact on the college.

Making Sense of Connections

September 20, 2016 Lilly Noble 0

As a first year at Connecticut College, I and about 500 other students are the guinea pigs in the new curricular experiment, Connections. The goal of this curriculum is to engage students in the academic work for their major as well as finding its relationship to the world we live in today.