Lending Library Expands Services, Goes Digital

February 10, 2018 Katey Vesta 0

College students are well-versed in the woes of being strapped for cash. The cost of enrollment alone is enough to empty one’s wallet, but the myriad of extra expenses that come along with college throw more salt in the wound.

Conn Students Consider the iPhone X

November 23, 2017 Annie Cornbrooks 0

In a “CNBC Make It” article published back in June, Kathleen Elkin details how millennials spend their money compared to their predecessors. The chart included in the article with data from Charles Schwab shows how millennials are more likely to spend money on non-essential costs such as $4.00 coffees and transportation for convenience as opposed to necessity.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X: When Did 7 8 9?

October 4, 2017 Emir Kulluk 0

Apple regularly turns its annual phone releases into events of epic proportions, and this year was no different. Apple CEO Tim Cook came on the stage to announce not one, but two phones for the Apple enthusiasts out there.