In Remembrance of Professor Ann Robertson

In Remembrance of Professor Ann Robertson

Ann Robertson, Connecticut College Professor of Mathematics for 15 years, died on Nov. 20, 2013 after a long-fought struggle with endometrial cancer. Despite her cancer diagnosis three years ago, Robertson, 70, retired just last spring, braving frequent long trips to Boston for medical services and the side effects of chemotherapy to continue teaching. As her […]

Weighing Prospective Changes in Gen-Ed Reform

We’ve all had to fit those Gen-Ed requirements into our busy schedules. Many groan at the thought of taking another class that has nothing to do with our majors or that is impossibly boring. Beyond the struggles of course registration, the system is outdated. The current “check-list” process we have now was developed decades ago, […]

Honor Code: Respected or Irrelevant?

Honor Code: Respected or Irrelevant?

 Art by Zander Asplundh “There’s a power that lies within the Honor Code for students,” argued Dean Cardwell. We just don’t always recognize that power for what it’s worth. Connecticut College students tend to imagine the Honor Code simply as a set of rules, while in reality it provides a set of responsibilities to integrity, […]

SGA Considers Shortening Winter Breaks

This coming winter break, Conn students will spend approximately 33 days away from their dorm rooms, roommates, friends, professors and schoolwork. 33 days, over an entire month to watch Netflix, brave the cold (or escape it) and spend quality time with the parental folks. Although the calendar is set for this year, in 2015 or […]

Letter: On the Honor Code

Education is the most powerful and formative force in the growth of an individual. We at Connecticut College are supremely privileged as the classroom education provided to us is of the highest quality; however, the work done in a classroom is a single facet of a complete education. A moral education is of at least […]

Turning Towards the Winter Sports Season

As the winter sports come in to full swing, Connecticut College closes a rich chapter of sports excitement. As a gesture towards the athletes that carried us through the fall semester, we’ve highlighted some of their accomplishments. 2014 sees the last season of soccer on Tempel green for Billy Hawkey ’14. The graduating captain adds […]

Player Profile: Amelia Dineen

Amelia Dineen ’15, a behavioral neuroscience major, has been playing hockey over three-quarters of her life. After suffering from a concussion early this season, Dineen is excited to be back on the ice to help the Camels improve their current record. Most recently, she brought the Camels their second win of the season scoring the […]